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Volume 54, Number 4

Oct 2015 to Dec 2015

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Local 29 wins C.W. Jones Award, U.S. Graduate Apprentices Compete, Local 1626 Members Locked Out, Tripartite Partners Meet in South Carolina, Boilermakers Help Build $1B TVA Gas Plant in Kentucky and much, much more.

Volume 54, Number 3

Jul 2015 to Oct 2015

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Bank of Labor opens D.C. office, Slaughter named LEAP Legislator of the Year, International announces scholarship winners, Volunteers cut wood for ailing D-351 member, and much, much more.

Volume 54, Number 2

Apr 2015 to Jun 2015

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ALJ decision brings justice for Terex workers, CSO Conference delegates receive industry updates, International launches digital museum and online store, Local 627 members protest Trans-Pacific Partnership, Boilermaker member featured on Brotherhood Outdoors, Local 27 and Nooter complete complex boiler overhaul in record time, and much, much more...

Volume 54, Number 1

Jan 2015 to Mar 2015

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TEREX workers seek justice, Bank of Labor will open DC office, Navy launches L-696-build LCS7, Magazines name two Boilermaker-worked projects best of 2014, LEAP 2015 issues and registration, U.S. shipbuilding dodges McCain broadside, and much, much more!

Volume 53, Number 4

Oct 2014 to Dec 2014

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Local 13's Arthur Kling wins 2014 graduate apprentice title, National Tripartite Alliance marks 25th anniversary of MOST, Boilermakers honor WWII-era auxiliary member, Boilermakers back Wounded Warriors fishing event, CCS power plant goes operational in Saskatchewan, and much, much more!

Volume 53, Number 3

Jul 2014 to Sep 2014

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Graduate apprentices compete in Canada, thousands rally against EPA rule, ISO meets in Las Vegas, L-169 installs spray dry absorbers, Western States Tripartite holds 10th annual conference, Steel Fab workers join Boilermakers, L-169 retiree show creative skills and much, much more.

Volume 53, Number 2

Apr 2014 to Jun 2014

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Volume 53, Number 1

Jan 2014 to Mar 2014

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Massive Whiting refinery upgrade goes online, L-433 wins Charles W. Jones Award, Tripartite conference tackles tough challenges, Union names Robert Brady Legislator of the Year, Retiree uses Boilermaker skills for community projects, and much, much more...

Volume 52, Number 4

Oct 2013 to Dec 2013

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2013 Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program annual competition held at Local 169 training center in Allen Park, Michigan, Boilermakers speak out at EPA meetings, USA shoot sets record, L-85's Lay is winning Sprint Car driver, Rigging award named for John Cammuso, District 5 car show raises money for leukemia and much, much more.

Volume 52, Number 3

Jul 2013 to Sep 2013

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World's largest IGCC plant, ISO Conference has record attendance, welding instructor builds dinosaur, 2013 Boilermaker Scholarships awarded, IBB wins eight ILCA awards, and much, much more.

Volume 52, Number 2

Apr 2013 to Jun 2013

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Volume 52, Number 1

Jan 2013 to Mar 2013

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Volume 51, Number 4

Oct 2012 to Dec 2012

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Volume 51, Number 3

Jul 2012 to Sep 2012

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Volume 51, Number 2

Apr 2012 to Jun 2012

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$70 million project brings upgrades to Colstrip plant, Breehey Award recipient offers moving tribute, Construction industry meets, Local 13 fights refinery closings, 2012 LEAP conference coverage, Local 263 wins NACBE safety award, and much, much more...