Join the best. Become a union Boilermaker.

Want to join an elite membership of skilled craftsmen and women who are trained to be the best? Looking for a defined benefit pension? Excellent healthcare for you and your family? A generous annuity plan? The Boilermakers union just might be for you.

Are you interested in a career in heavy construction?

Join a local lodge

Do you want union protections in your workplace?

Form a union where you work

Whether you already have a lot of experience or want to get started as a Boilermaker apprentice or helper, we have the right path for you. You can even get paid while you learn. If you’re a safety minded, dedicated professional ready to work, check out our application, or our Boilermaker National Apprenticeship Program and our new Welding Bootcamp.

You probably have questions. We can help.

Why should I become a Boilermaker?

Whether you’re a combo welder, fitter, ironworker, millwright or general laborer, consider joining our union Boilermaker workforce.  The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has been around for about 120 years, building a proven track record for success. And with welding, rigging and construction positions in high demand, as a union Boilermaker, you can earn top wages and enjoy excellent benefits, including:

  • Full coverage health insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Per diem (depending on jobsite)
  • All equipment, hand-tools and consumables supplied
  • A place to train and practice for jobs and certification testing

Boilermaker members also have access to benefits through our Boilermaker National Funds, scholarships, legal services, our vacation trust and our partner benefits at Union Plus.

How do I join the Boilermakers?

Here are 3 ways for you to join a local lodge.


Join a Local Lodge

We have more than 40 construction lodges all over North America. If you already know which lodge you would like to join, please contact them directly.

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Join through our National Transient Lodges

Like to travel? Want to go where the work is? Our National Transient Lodges might be right for you.

For questions about the National Transient District Local Lodges or to request an application through the NTDL:


Not sure which Local Lodge you want to join?

Fill out an application and we will have one of our recruiters contact you.

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