Education & Training

The International Brotherhood assists members, local lodge stewards and officers, and International staff by providing a variety of education and training services, by advising local lodges and International staff of education and training opportunities, and by working with lodges and staff to find education and training solutions to the problems they are experiencing.

Ongoing education and training programs include the following:

  • annual Summer Training Institutes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School for Workers where local lodge leaders and activists learn skills to enable them to serve their members
  • steward training classes to help interpret contracts, deal with grievances, and solve member conflicts
  • new officer training designed to further the skills needed to run a lodge efficiently
  • financial officer training.

In addition, the Industrial Sector Services Department will work directly with local lodges to identify training or design classes that address specific needs.

If you are interested in any of these programs, talk to your International rep or contact the Department of Education and Training Services.

Department of Education and Training Services

Contact Information

Department of Education and Training Services
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
12200 N Ambassador Dr, Suite 303
Kansas City, MO 64163
Phone: (913) 371-2640
Fax: (913) 281-8110