Industrial Sector Services Department


  • Tyler Brown - Executive Director of Industrial Sector Operations and Administrative Assistant to the International President
  • Tracy Buck - Assistant to the Director of Administrative Affairs of the International President
  • Mark Garrett - Director of Health & Safety Services
  • Debbie Goodwin - Research Assistant
  • Courtney Goodwin - Secretary
  • Jessie Miller - Secretary

Services and Responsibilities

The Industrial Sector Services Department (ISSD) provides a wide variety of services to all U.S. and Canadian lodges in the Industrial Sector, as well as occasional assistance to Construction Division lodges.

The ISSD coordinates collective bargaining activities, assisting International reps and local lodge officers as needed with preparation for negotiations, strikes, lockouts, plant closings, health & safety emergencies, and other urgent matters.

Working with the Department of Education & Training Services, the ISSD keeps International staff well-informed on current issues in collective bargaining, including how to research companies, successful strategies for negotiating, and how to win arbitrations.

In addition, the ISSD oversees the daily function of the following offices:

See the Web pages linked above to learn what each of these offices offers.

Contact Information

Industrial Sector Services Department
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
753 State Ave., Suite 570
Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: (913) 371-2640
Fax: (913) 281-8104