Stove, Furnace, Allied Appliance and Metal Polishers Industry

After two mergers in the 1990s, Boilermakers now represent workers in the stove, furnace, appliance and metal polishers’ industries. The union currently has nearly 7,500 members in this area, including former members of the Western Energy Workers, an independent union that merged with the Boilermakers in 1994, and nearly 4,000 members as a result of an October 1996 merger with the Metal Polishers, Buffers, Platers and Allied Workers International Union.

From FBI badges to stoves to products for the health care industry, Boilermakers create quality goods for everyday use that span many industries.

Watch members from Local Lodge S50 in Baltimore, Maryland, as they manufacture top-of-the-line Vulcan Stoves that premier chefs rely on.

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