Industrial Health and Safety

The Industrial Health & Safety office operates under the direction of the Industrial Sector Services Department. Director of Health & Safety Services Mark Garrett is responsible for preparing and conducting training programs; publishing printed materials for members and local lodges; conducting on-site walk around inspections and industrial hygiene evaluations; researching and responding to requests for technical assistance and arranging for inspections of Boilermaker work sites by OSHA, MSHA, and other government agencies; collecting and maintaining resource materials on job hazards and their controls; and providing guidance on negotiating language on safety and health issues, as well as drug and alcohol programs at the bargaining table.

The Health & Safety office is devoted to responding to requests for technical assistance from local lodges and staff covering a wide range of issues, such as worker rights under safety and health laws and regulations, health hazard information on the chemicals our members work with, protective measures to eliminate or reduce hazards present on the job, and assistance with interpreting applicable safety regulations that have a direct impact on our members.

A major activity of this office is the on-site inspection and evaluation of Boilermaker facilities and work sites. The department also monitors all occupational safety and health citations issued to employers where the Boilermakers have a collective bargaining relationship and will, depending on the type of citation and issues involved, assist the lodge in representing the interest of the members in the citation appeal and hearing process.

Director Garrett also provides safety and health training - designed so that our members and their representatives can continue to improve working conditions - on responsibilities of safety committees, methods for recognizing hazards, procedures that can control hazards, as well as rights under applicable safety and health laws.

In Canada, similar health & safety services for lodges are provided by Jason McInnis, who is the National Director of Health & Safety Services for the Canadian National Health & Safety Fund.

For more information on Canadian Health & Safety Services --

Mark Garrett
Director, Health and Safety Services

Phone: (225) 276-6796

Jason McInnis
National Director, Health & Safety (Canada)

Phone: (855) 422-7233

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