Boilermakers Union Members Hub

Welcome to the Boilermaker members’ hub. This section of our website provides our retired and current Boilermaker brothers and sisters with useful resources, tools and links. Please note that some areas require member login.

We’re one big family, we’re union, we stick together.

Vernon Jackson, L-S50, Baltimore

Boilermakers have always had a strong legacy. We work really hard. We take a lot of pride in our work and do a good job, do it on time, do it right. It means a lot to me. I’m a second-generation Boilermaker so, you know, you come out here and do a good job.

Nick Calore, Local 154, Pittsburgh

I’ve been on the deck plate, I’ve pulled that welding box around, dragged those hoses and climbed ladders. This pride means everything to me.

Erica Stewart, L-693, Pascagoula, Mississippi

We’re all a team, and we have to work together. That’s what union is.

Tatum Keister, L-83, Kansas City, Missouri