Boilermaker-made Products

Looking for a Boilermaker-made product? We’re proud of our work, and we stand by our quality. If it was made by a Boilermaker, you can bet it was made right. Check out some of our handiwork:

  • Building Materials

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Bricks Continental Brick Local D271
    Cat walks, steel flooring IKG Industries Local D546
    Clay KY-TN Clay Co. Local D523
    Concrete blocks Besser Company Local D472
    Crushed stone Presque Isle Local D351
    Crushed stone (aggregates) Wagner Quarries Local D337
    Domtar Gypsum Board Georgia-Pacific Local D432
    Faucets Chicago Faucet Local M6
    Faucets Royal Brass Local M3
    Garage Doors Americano, Independence, Pioneer, Freedom, Liberty, Therm-O-Air Local 1239
    GS Roofing Shingles Certainteed Local D437
    Guttering, spiral pipe, down spouts Three States Supply Co. Local S185
    Gypsum Georgia-Pacific Local D160
    Insulation Celotex Local D577
    Insulation -board and pipe Fibrex, Inc. Local D279
    Locks Schlage Locks Local M128
    Lumber Gilman Building Prods. Local D545
    Plastic molding Attwood Local M7
    Plastic pipe, electrical fittings Lamson & Sessions Local D465
    Plumbing parts Delta, Moen, American Standard Local M68
    Polybead, Atlantic Wallboard Atlantic Gypsum Group Limited Local D559
    Roofing Certainteed Local D596
    Siding and Roofing Tile Premium Products Local D282
    Vinyl Siding, Windows Certainteed Local D533
    Wallboard Celotex Corp. Local D206
    Wallboard National Gypsum Locals D416, D583
    Wallboard Westroc Local D345
    Wallboard, gyproc Econord Inc. Local D220
    Wallboard, gypsum Georgia-Pacific Locals D486, D495, D513
    Wallboard, gypsum, plaster National Gypsum Locals D66, D73, D76
    Wallboard, sheetrock Georgia-Pacific Local D78
    Wooden kitchen cabinets Cannon Valley (Home Depot) Local M24
  • Cement Products

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Agriculture and industrial lime Havlock Lime Local D324
    Block, pipe, concrete, brick, etc. Shaw Group Ltd. Local D579
    Calcite Cement Lafarge Local D191
    Cement Ash Grove Locals D234, D397 D435
    Cement Capitol Local D208
    Cement Dixie Cement Local D140
    Cement Dixon-Marquette Local D81
    Cement Hanson Permanente Cement Local D100
    Cement Heartland Cement Local D109
    Cement Holcim, Inc. Locals D114, D190, D239, D469, D408
    Cement Kosmos Cement Local D595
    Cement Lafarge Locals D37, D75, D331, D454
    Cement Lehigh Portland Local D69
    Cement Lone Star Industries Local DNCL
    Cement North Star Cement Local D327
    Cement RMC Pacific Materials Local D46
    Cement Southdown Locals D23, D79, D476
    Cement St. Lawrence Cement Company Locals D50, D220, D366
    Cement Tilbury Local D277
    Cement block, brick Betcon Inc. Local D220
    Cement, clinker ESSROC Canada Local D387
    Cement, mortar Kosmos Local D592
    Cement powder Cabano Transport Local D220
    Cement powder, crushed stone Concassage Mont Bruno Quarries Local D220
    Cement - Redi-Mix Pine Hill Concrete Mix Local D328
    Cement silos Lafarge Can - Saskatoon Local D331
    Concrete, plaster, sand, stone, stucco King Packaged Materials Local D494
    Concrete blocks Century Concrete Local D494
    Concrete roof tiles RE-CON Building Products Local D400
    Crushed stone Blue Circle Local D488
    Crushed stone Dunnville Rock Local D494
    Crushed stone Lincoln Quarry Company Local D494
    Lime Ash Grove Cement Local D229
    Lime Chemical Lime Locals D361, D374, D381, D486
    Lime Continental Lime Locals D503, D575
    Lime GenLime Local D597
    Lime Kerford Limestone Local D561
    Lime products Linwood Mining & Minerals Local D584
    Limestone Michigan Limestone Local D500
    Portland cement Ash Grove Locals D174, D194
    Portland cement Blue Circle Cement Local D421
    Portland cement Carolinas Cement Local D314
    Portland cement Continental Cement Local DNCL
    Portland cement ESSROC Materials Locals D209, D335
    Portland cement Holcim, Inc. Local D469
    Portland cement Inland Cement Local D359
    Portland cement Lafarge Corp. Locals D6, D27, D375, D385, D503
    Portland cement Lafarge and Huron labels Local DNCL
    Portland cement Lehigh Portland Local D106
    Portland cement Lone Star Industries Locals D12, D39, D414
    Portland cement Monarch Cement Locals D93, DNCL
    Portland cement River Cement Local D455
    Portland cement Southdown Locals D173, D357, D480
    Refractory minerals, stucco sand National Refractory Local D99
    Refractory minerals, stucco sand Chemical Lime Local D99
    Sand, gravel Blue Circle Local D494
    Sand, gravel Lafarge Canada, Inc. Local D364
    Sand, gravel Oak Park Sand & Gravel Local D494
    Sand, gravel T.C.G. Materials Local D494
    Sand, gravel, crushed aggregates Blue Circle Aggregates Local D494
    Sand, gravel, washed aggregates Dufferin Aggregates Local D364
    Silica Unimin Local D494
    Silos, cement ESSROC Local D494
    Stone, asphalt, cement, Redi-Mix Graystone - Lewis Local D342
    Stone, asphalt Buffalo Crushed Stone Locals D308, D328
    Stone, asphalt County Lime Stone Local D328
    Stone, asphalt Lancaster Stone Local D569
    Stone, concrete Graystone Local D342
    Stone, lime Graybec Lime Inc. Local D92
    Stone, lime Southdown Local D132
  • Commercial Equipment

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Aerospace indus., nuclear weapons Allied Signal Local M146
    Beer Taps Perlick Corp. Local M10
    Cat walks, steel flooring IKG Industries Local D546
    Corrugated containers Weyerhaeuser Co. Local S185
    Elevators Dover Local S251
    Explosive powder (space program) Toyal America Local 1600
    Farm Equipment Worksaver, Inc. Local 486
    Food industry equipment Tomlinson Industries Local M3
    Hospital sterilizers, access. Getinge/Castle Inc. Local M18
    Hot tables, stainless steel products Missouri Equipment Co. Local M13
    Industrial doors American Metal Door Local M16
    Metal tubing products National Metalwares Inc. Local M114
    Office equipment Tennsco Corp. Local S234
    Office Furniture Bentson Industries Local 1239
    Packaging (wrappers, labels) Toyal America Local 1600
    Reflective paint pigment Toyal America Local 1600
    Sprayers R. E. Chapin Local S82
    Tools (industrial) Terry Steel & Supply Inc. Local 6
    Valves, strainers (milk, food indus.) L C Thomsen Inc. Local M45
    Wood chippers, sorters (Industrial) Acrowood Corporation Local 104
  • Cooling Equipment

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Dehumidifiers, air purifiers Kitchen-Aid Local S272
    Window air units Fedders Local S105
    Window air units Kitchen-Aid Local S272
  • Heating Equipment

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Fireplace inserts, wood stoves Hutch Local S56
    Floor, wall furnaces, room heaters Empire Comfort Local S7
    Furnaces, heaters, fireplace access. Cozy Local S20
    Gas & wood heaters US Stove Local S56
  • Kitchen Items and Cooking Equipment

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Aluminum Foil Reynolds Local 72
    Built in refrigerators Whirlpool Local S272
    Can openers Swing-A-Way Local M13
    Commercial food equipment Hobart Local M107
    Cooking/food oil AC Humko Local 480
    Gas and electric ranges Premier Locals S4, S60
    Ovens, broilers, griddles, fryers Comstock Castle Stove Local S3
    Ovens, cook tops, hoods Thermador Local S54
    Ranges, deep fryers Vulcan Local S50
    Stainless steel kitchen equipment Hudson Food Service Equip. Local M194
    Stainless steel kitchen products Servco Co. Local M13
    Stoves, cook tops, pots Wolf Range Co. Local S106
  • Miscellaneous

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Beer Taps Perlick Corp. Local M10
    Burial vaults, blocks Century Concrete Local D494
    Caskets and product line Aurora, Vanguard Local M300
    Corrugated containers Weyerhaeuser Co. Local S185
    Dehumidifiers, air purifiers Kitchen-Aid Local S272
    Farm Equipment Worksaver, Inc. Local 486
    Filters Chemrock Local DNCL
    Floral Products Syndicate Sales Local M24
    Floor dry Eagle Picher Minerals Local D263
    Hand towel dispensers Steiner Corporation Local 1239
    Kraft Paper Simpson Tacoma Kraft Local 104
    Musical Instruments Frank Holton Local M94
    Office equipment Tennsco Corp. Local S234
    Office Furniture Bentson Industries Local 1239
    Prepared foods Olympic Food Local M24
    Sprayers R. E. Chapin Local S82
    Talc Luzenac America Locals D239, D449
    Thermific Blenders Patterson Kelley Co. Local 398
    Metal casings for money clips, pendants, and gadgets Riva Jewelry Manufacturing Local 947
  • Power and Hand Tools

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Automatic wrenches Edgerton Forge Local M301
    Cutting Tools Ohio Metal Working Products Local 1191
    Garden tools, pitchforks Union Tools (Sears, Agway, Razorback) Local 1916
    Pliers, Hooks Klein Tools Inc. Local 1255
    Striking tools, crow bars Warwood Local 1610
    Tools Armstrong Local 1247
    Tools Klein Tools Local 1256
    Tools Snap-on tools Local 1652
    Wet/dry vacuums, tools Craftsman (Sears), Ridgid (Home Depot) Local S699
  • Services

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Food catering to steel plants HAVCO Local D494
    Insurance Union Insurance Group Local 1
    Steel forgings Portland Forge Local 1620
  • Sports Equipment

    Product(s) Brand/Company Name(s) Local Lodge(s)
    Boat Trailers E-Z Loader Local 242
    Golf Balls Callaway Local 1851
    Propeller Blades   Local M5

Other union-made products and services

Union Insurance Group

The mission at UNION Insurance Group is to ensure the financial security of labor unions and their members by providing them with business and personal insurance products that are specifically designed to meet their particular exposure needs.

No Sweat Clothing

It's "No Sweat" to buy union-made products. No Sweat is defining a market for goods that support independent trade unions — the only historically proven solution to sweatshops.

Union House Apparel

Union House sells Clothing Made in the USA. American Made Clothes from US Manufacturers that are Union Made in USA. They sell American made apparel from Carhartt, Union Line and King Louie, and Union House men's briefs and boxers.

Lo Go

Lo-Go is a Union print shop located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho offering American made, Union printed and embroidered apparel, monogramming, corrugated plastic signs, banners, decals, buttons, lapel pins and much, much more.

Zubie Wear

Zubie Wear started with a simple idea: 'Excellent workmanship at a fair price, produced by union labor.' Supplier of GCC/IBT printed products and apparel to unions across the United States and Canada.


The Car & Truck guide is prepared by the UAW to provide information for consumers who want to purchase vehicles produced by workers who enjoy the benefits and protections of a union contract.

Union made tires

Buying tires? Make sure to buy union! Compare the DOT code and be certain you are buying a USW-made tire.

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