Research and Collective Bargaining Services

Research and Collective Bargaining Services (RCBS) is an office within the Industrial Sector Services Department of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers & Helpers. RCBS provides comprehensive support for collective bargaining activities of local lodges.

RCBS maintains a database of arbitration decisions by arbitrator, subject, and industry, and participates in the AFL-CIO arbitration assessment data base providing enhanced services to the local lodges and staff in arbitrator selection and issue-related research. They process and maintain records on 620 shipbuilding, marine, industrial, and shop collective bargaining agreements, to which 576 employers are signatory. In addition, they record agreements for the CLGAW and SFEAW Divisions.

Each agreement is classified by lodge, number of employees covered, termination date, and an identification number from the Standard Industrial Classification manual to categorize contracts by industry. In a separate database, up to 130 contract provisions are maintained for each agreement for analysis of basic economic provisions.

Upon request, RCBS provides analysis of collective bargaining agreements for meetings of industry conferences and workshops. They also maintains a library of over 2,000 volumes of general collective bargaining data, industry economic statistics, financial information on companies and industries, and specialized areas of collective bargaining such as pensions, 401(k) plans, insurance, employee stock option programs (ESOP), profit sharing, gainsharing, incentives, and job evaluation. They also address all aspects of collective bargaining, using a strategy that relies on the basic tenets of trade unionism - solidarity, unity, and collective action.


  • Don Hamric, Jr. - Director
  • Debbie Goodwin - Research Assistant

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Research and Collective Bargaining Services
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