Here you can download past issues of the Boilermaker Reporter to read them on your computer or print out on letter size paper.

Volume 47, Number 2

Apr 2008 to Jun 2008

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L-374 members build base for floating casino, IVP George Rogers retires, LEAP holds 40th conference, Construction members meet, Funds office announces improvements, shipyard nets big contract, and much, much more...

Volume 47, Number 1

Jan 2008 to Mar 2008

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LEAP names 2008 legislative issues, L-169 members tear down, rebuild blast furnace in under 100 days, Boilermakers attend UN climate change conference, recruiting program adds 500 workers in first year, HAZMAT/radiological training for railroad members, and much, much more...

Volume 46, Number 4

Oct 2007 to Dec 2007

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Local 83's Knox wins national apprentice competition, IEC confirms Warren Fairley as IVPAL, Local 169 completes extreme makeover, International wins three ILCA awards, Tripartite conference grapples with construction industry issues, # Local 26 member earns gold in marksmanship # Local 27 retire and much, much more...

Volume 46, Number 3

Jul 2007 to Sep 2007

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Local 73 builds first Canadian cruise ship since the 1930's, Blacksmith's keep the T rolling, Local 128 opens new union hall in Toronto, Local 555’s Mollison wins Canadian apprentice contest, Local lodge leaders, staff attend 2007 Summer Training Institutes, and much, much more...

Volume 46, Number 2

Apr 2007 to Jun 2007

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Boilermakers refurbish world's most powerful electrical device, Joshua A. Terando Apprentice of the Year Award, LEAP delegates head to Capitol Hill, picket line wedding for L-693 member, tech improvements discussed at Construction conference, and much, much more...

Volume 46, Number 1

Jan 2007 to Mar 2007

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Democrats lead Congress for first time in 12 years, Tom Baca is new Western States IVP, Senco Construction earns top OSHA award, SAJAC builds training center, IVPs Joe Stinger and Jim Hickenbotham retire, and much, much more...

Volume 45, Number 4

Oct 2006 to Dec 2006

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Coverage of the National Apprenticeship competition, area competitions, Tripartite success in Eastern Canada, updated MOST Foreman Training Program, Toledo Shipyard reopens, Local 92 power plant project, and much, much more...

Volume 45, Number 3

Jul 2006 to Sep 2006

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31st Consolidated Convention coverage, Speaker summaries, Committee reports, Top Canadian Apprentice competition, International Executive Council Scholarship winners, Court blocks DHS restrictions, Local 112's relief efforts earn recognition, and much, much more...

Volume 45, Number 2

Apr 2006 to Jun 2006

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Senators Clinton, Biden headline 38th annual LEAP conference, Celanese Emulsions and Local 484 reach settlement, 2005 NACBE safety awards, MBIC members attend training, lockout ends for L-1240 at Wabash Alloys, CAF and LEF awards, and much, much more...

Volume 45, Number 1

Jan 2006 to Mar 2006

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Workers celebrate Labor Day, Local D432 and Georgia-Pacific earn top OSHA award, Ed Power is IVP for Eastern Canada, MacDonald retires as IVP for Eastern Canada, ICEM elects IVP Hickenbotham, SAJAC holds open house, 38th Annual LEAP Conference Legislative Issues, Local lodge leaders and Intl. reps. attend 2005 Summer Training Institute, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 5

Nov 2005 to Dec 2005

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Coverage of the Boilermakers of the 2005 National Apprentice Program competition, Bill Creeden is new IST, tripartite conferences, Davis-Bacon suspension turns union jobs nonunion, Labor wins – Bush reinstates Davis Bacon, Union action gets plant reopened, Local lodges rev up for Helmets to Hardhats, Union action gets plant reopened, Scheer named TTDRD chairman, Reid Boiler Works recognizes union, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 4

Sep 2005 to Oct 2005

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Coverage of the Boilermakers Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, the Canadian Apprentice competition, regional apprentice competitions, Joe Maloney is new Western Canada IVP, the semi-annual conference of the Construction Division, AFL-CIO re-elects Sweeney, Celanese locks out Local 484 members, Boilermakers build Kentucky's first coal-fired unit in 15 years, Boilermakers enhance on-the-job safety, Local 697 member receives second kidney, L-D331 members go all out for hospital charity, Emerson Tool workers lose jobs to Mexico, Bush suspends wage guarantees in areas hit by storm, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 3

Jun 2005 to Jul 2005

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Articles include: Local 502 excels for PSF at Shell turnaround, ENR recognizes Joe Maloney, Lockout heats up at Wabash Alloys, Vanover receives governor's award, BCTD Conference sets tone for year of activity, Political activity pays off, Local 60 Boilermakers jump into their work, BIC conducts election workshop, International awards 33 scholarships, How to apply for a Boilermaker Scholarship, Retiree clubs keep members young, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 2

Apr 2005 to May 2005

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Coverage of the 37th Annual LEAP Conference, Construction leaders meet, Refinery fined $10 million for explosion, NACBE recognizes lodges for excellent safety performance, Senator Durbin is the Boilermakers' 2005 Legislator of the Year, Panelists share valuable experience at the LEAP conference, LEAP delegates take Boilermaker message to Congress, Funds Q & A column, Members erect 30 million-gallon eggs, Administration's budget doesn't offer much for U.S. workers, Local S699 presents their last CAF check, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 1

Jan 2005 to Mar 2005

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Articles include: Social Security: Who will pay the bill?, Workers at Washington Marine join Boilermakers union, Kvaerner pays Local 19 members $280,000, Shipyard Workers sue NASSCO for $39 million, Local 85 hosts 2nd annual tripartite conference, The Bush NLRB is rewriting the rules, Workers need an asbestos-disease compensation fund, Workers must unite to stop CAFTA, Bush targets rail workers, Taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart, Bike-Building Boilermaker lands hard-core deal, Boilermakers' children survive tsunami-stay and help, Wlodyka is new participant out reach representative, and much, much more ...