Here you can download past issues of the Boilermaker Reporter to read them on your computer or print out on letter size paper.

Volume 44, Number 3

Jun 2005 to Jul 2005

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Articles include: Local 502 excels for PSF at Shell turnaround, ENR recognizes Joe Maloney, Lockout heats up at Wabash Alloys, Vanover receives governor's award, BCTD Conference sets tone for year of activity, Political activity pays off, Local 60 Boilermakers jump into their work, BIC conducts election workshop, International awards 33 scholarships, How to apply for a Boilermaker Scholarship, Retiree clubs keep members young, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 2

Apr 2005 to May 2005

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Coverage of the 37th Annual LEAP Conference, Construction leaders meet, Refinery fined $10 million for explosion, NACBE recognizes lodges for excellent safety performance, Senator Durbin is the Boilermakers' 2005 Legislator of the Year, Panelists share valuable experience at the LEAP conference, LEAP delegates take Boilermaker message to Congress, Funds Q & A column, Members erect 30 million-gallon eggs, Administration's budget doesn't offer much for U.S. workers, Local S699 presents their last CAF check, and much, much more...

Volume 44, Number 1

Jan 2005 to Mar 2005

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Articles include: Social Security: Who will pay the bill?, Workers at Washington Marine join Boilermakers union, Kvaerner pays Local 19 members $280,000, Shipyard Workers sue NASSCO for $39 million, Local 85 hosts 2nd annual tripartite conference, The Bush NLRB is rewriting the rules, Workers need an asbestos-disease compensation fund, Workers must unite to stop CAFTA, Bush targets rail workers, Taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart, Bike-Building Boilermaker lands hard-core deal, Boilermakers' children survive tsunami-stay and help, Wlodyka is new participant out reach representative, and much, much more ...

Volume 43, Number 5

Nov 2004 to Dec 2004

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Articles include: Coverage of the National Apprenticeship competition, area competitions, National Tripartite success, MOST sponsors confined-space training, Holton Horn...Making Music Beautifully, Boilermakers take to the campaign trail, The Triple-Nickel celebrates 50 years, From apprentice to combat medic is a long road for Local 374's Larry Loper and his family, Healthcare costs are growing concern for all, and much, much more ...

Volume 43, Number 4

Sep 2004 to Oct 2004

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Edwards drops in on Local 105, MOST offers first project management class, Eastern Canada hosts first tripartite, L-154 holds 3rd annual tripartite meeting, Construction workshop focuses on future growth, Kibbey, Postlethwait win SAJAC contest, L-13 opens the Jeffrey C. Davis School of Welding, Shipyard workers rally for support, Local 11 defends its work in Montana, Former Boilermaker advises Kerry, Overtime rules are not a dead issue yet, Election 2004 Boilermakers' Endorsements, Kerry-Edwards issue their 'Sportsmen's Bill of Rights', Local 51 puts Kerry campaign on track; and much, much more ...

Volume 43, Number 3

Jun 2004 to Aug 2004

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L-555's Shaer wins Canada's 2004 apprentice competition, Sean Murphy is new Northeast Section IVP, Members get politically active, Is national sales tax a real possibility?, B.C. shipyards protest province's ban on local bids, Canadian apprentice competition, L-169 has welding contest for students, Henry Gusse built Edmonton Exchanger with union Boilermaker skills, Local 502 responds to attacks on labor, Boilermakers attend Democratic National Convention in Boston, Local Lodge Leaders, Intl. Reps. attend 2004 Summer Training Institute, International awards 25 scholarships; and much, much, more...

Volume 43, Number 2

Mar 2004 to May 2004

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Protect Your Job, Outsourced, and out of work, Female welders earning respect, Construction Division meets, L-85 welds ball for Olympic sculpture, 36th Annual LEAP Conference coverage, First-time delegate takes the LEAP and learns, Fazios five their all to Gephardt in Iowa, Ande Abbott retires after 37 years of service, Local 1 member and family get more than just a new home, Union Plus offers credit counseling, Rising health care costs threaten the future of employee coverage; and much, much more ...

Volume 43, Number 1

Jan 2004 to Feb 2004

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Industrial Union Council lobbies Congress for trade and manufacturing; Local 502 members support American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life"; NTL members build tank for Petty family's special-needs camp; Bush Administration caught in 'cover-up'; Locals 106 and 433 contribute to award-winning juice tank technology; Local D6 goes five years without an accident; Learn to Lobby; The New Medicare: A bitter pill; Boilermakers and Alliance for Economic Justice endorse John Kerry; and much, much more ...

Volume 42, Number 5

Oct 2003 to Dec 2003

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Great Lakes apprentices take national apprenticeship award; IBB bands with other unions to form Alliance for Economic Justice, rally for Gephardt; Why we endorsed Gephardt so early; Local 191 builds boats for Canadian Coast Guard; Relationships the key to Tripartite success; Local 146 apprentice takes top Canadian prize; Local 549's political action earns them victory in defeat; International Rep Tom Chastain dies; and much more ...

Volume 42, Number 4

Jul 2003 to Sep 2003

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Newton B. Jones named International President; Charles W. Jones career retrospective; Gephardt endorsed; Local 19 and Philadelphia shipyard reborn; 2003 Scholarship winners; Local 1 LEAP activities boost political clout; A Boilermaker Wedding; Local 169 reaches out to youth; Avondale gets Ingalls-style contract; 2003 Collective Bargaining Institute; and much, much more ...

Volume 42, Number 3

May 2003 to Jun 2003

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The Shipyard Workers Union affiliates with IBB; Local 696 says no to concessions; Solidarity is winning factor for L-449; ULPs ensure company complies with NLRA; Checkbook Economics; The 2003 tax cuts aren't what Congress & Bush say they are; Boilermakers National Health & Welfare Plan Privacy Practice; Settlements; and much more ...

Volume 42, Number 2

Mar 2003 to Apr 2003

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L-680 members restore Haida; Construction Division meets; Joe Stinger is new Western States IVP; 35th annual LEAP conference; and much more ...

Volume 42, Number 1

Jan 2003 to Feb 2003

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Local 359's safety plan on Trail job; Rising medical costs; The state of the union under Bush; A look at past scholarship winners; A look at Canada's health care system; Settlements; and much, much more ...

Volume 41, Number 6

Nov 2002 to Dec 2002

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Local 667's Jerry Fulk wins national apprentice competition; Texans form Lone Star District; Poll: Union members vote on issues; Owners, contractors, and union reps. attend national tripartite conference; L-146 members help build Shell's Scotford Upgrader for oil sands; Settlements; and much, much more ...

Volume 41, Number 5

Sep 2002 to Oct 2002

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District 5 holds first convention, L-483 members win back-pay at Joy Mining, local leaders attend training and education programs, Send corporate coddlers a pink slip, House Medicare drug bill is no cure, Candidate endorsements, A grievance log helps categorize facts, and much, much more ...