Health, Hospitality & Service Industries

If you work in a health, hospitality or service industry, you’ve dedicated your life to taking care of other people. So, who’s taking care of you? In the Boilermakers union, we take care of each other. Join us and find out!

Health, Hospitality & Services Industries of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

You might wonder why Boilermakers represent workers in health, hospitality and service industries. But given our long and rich history, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. 

In early 2020, independent Local 947 (Kings Park, New York) recognized the strength of the Boilermakers union and decided to affiliate. The Boilermakers union is proud to call these members – who work in hotels, manufacturing, transportation warehousing, call centers, office services, healthcare and even the equine industry – brothers and sisters.

We’re often told that the Boilermakers union punches above our “weight class.”  We do that. And we win. 

We win for better safety, fair wages, against wage theft and unfair treatment and to give all workers a voice and a vote on the job.

In fact, since our inception in 1880, we’ve continuously expanded from our earliest days making and repairing boilers to shipbuilding to manufacturing and much more – always with an eye on bringing working people together in solidarity. That has made us a robust organization, stronger because of the diversity of the people and industries that make up our union. 

We continue to reach into more industries to ensure more working people have the fair wages, safety and fair treatment they deserve on the job.

Learn more about Local 947 and how workers in health or service industries can affiliate as a Boilermaker 

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