Lone Star District Lodge

The Lone Star District Lodge located in Beaumont, Texas was created on July 1, 2002 and is the largest one-state district in the Brotherhood. Its affiliated Local Lodges are 74, 132, 587, and 592.

Officers and Staff

  • Zachary Popovich - District Manager/Executive Secretary
  • Mark Thompson - President
  • Steven Moser - Vice-President
  • Michael Teague - Recording Secretary
  • Malcolm Wilburn - Trustee
  • Tammy Scott - Trustee

Services to Affiliated Lodges

The Lone Star District Lodge is primarily an administrative, servicing, and coordinating body. Its principle functions are to provide mutual protection and harmonious relationships between its affiliated lodges and to coordinate and assist in the attainment of the economic and other objections of its affiliated lodges. It shall be empowered to engage or assist in organizing efforts, and in the collective bargaining process, settling grievances, and establishing training programs.

Industries and Employers

Our members are employed by the following companies, as well as many refineries:

Power Plant Facilities

  • Texas Genco
  • LCRA
  • CPS

Nuclear Facility

  • STNP


A District meeting is scheduled every 6 months.

Contact Information

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
Lone Star District
1269 North Main Street
Vidor, Texas 77662
Phone: 409-813-1431
Fax: 409-442-4945