Cement District Lodge D11

Cement District Lodge D11 located in western Canada was created in the mid-1970's as a subordinate district lodge in the Cement, Lime, Gypsum, and Allied Workers Union (CLGAW). After the CLGAW merged with the Boilermakers in 1983, the number of the lodge was changed to D11. The merger has benefited both District Lodge D11 and nearby Boilermaker construction lodges. Since the merger, we have supplied thousands of manhours of work for our construction lodges. Its affiliated Local Lodges are D274, D277, D331, D345, D359, D385, D400, D479, D486, and D575.


  • Kevin Forsyth - Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer
  • Kevin Mathews - President
  • Phyllis Van Rhyn - Vice-President
  • Warren Basso - Recording Secretary, Trustee Chairman
  • Randy Martin - Trustee
  • Jeff Olson - Trustee

Services to Affiliated Lodges

The services provided to our affiliated lodges include contract negotiations, grievance handling, annual conferences with training seminars, arbitrations, and legal advice.


Annual conferences are held each summer in one of the four Western Provinces.

Industries and Employers

Our members are employed by the following companies:

Industry Employers
Cement Lafarge
Roof Tile and Recon Gypsum G. P.
Lime Graymont and Chemical Lime Mining
  Westroc and Wolfe Construction Stucco
  Imasco Minerals Fabricating

Products Made

The lodges in District D11 provide the following products and services:

Products Lodges  
Concrete roof tile & facing brick D400  
Farm equipment    
Cement services D277 D331
Terminal D385 D503
Quarry D359 D505
Magnesite and gypsum mining D479  
Wallboard D274 D486
Lime manufacturing D503 D486

Contact Information

8737 Milton Dr.
Surrey, BC V3S 5G9
Phone: (604) 599-0989
Fax: (604) 599-0928