Pennsylvania "Keystone" Industrial Council

Created December 1st, 1999 with the Council's Founding Meeting, held on December 7th, 1999 in Pittsburgh, PA. Its affiliated local lodges are 13, 19, 87, 88, 151, 154, 159, 196, 397, 1393, 1506, and D92.


  • David Gaillard - Business Representative
  • Frank Hawk - Secretary-Treasurer
  • James R. Hall - Chairman Trustee
  • Vincent Williams - Trustee
  • William E. Brown III - Trustee

Services Provided to Lodges

The Pennsylvania "Keystone" Industrial Council is a vehicle for stronger and more effective unionism. This Industrial Council was established to enable its affiliated Lodges to provide better and more effective service to their members, organize the unorganized, and to promote and coordinate through the Brotherhood's Legislative Education Action Program (LEAP), the economic, civic and social welfare of our families and communities, and to better achieve the purposes and objectives set out in the International Brotherhood's Constitution, through joint efforts and cooperation. Workshops and/or Seminars provide our members with pertinent information and training on topics on both the local and national level.

Consumer Products made by Lodges

Lodge Employers Products
13 (multiple) Field construction
  Damson Boiler Boiler installation & repair
  General Marine Refrigeration Refrigeration repair and recharging
  (multiple) Containers
19 (multiple)  Ship building
87 Sartomer, inc. Specialty chemicals (monomers)
88 Esschem, Inc. Specialty resins & dental polymers
151 Riliey Power Inc. Fabrication and manufacturing of boiler parts and equipment
  Arthur Lewis Steel Metal supports fabrication
154 (multiple) Field construction
  Witherup, Inc. Tank builders
159 Ashley Tool & Machine Machine shop
196 GE Rail Car Rail car repair
397 Patterson-Kelley, Inc.  
1506 Phoenix Forging Forging