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Negotiating a four-year agreement for L-D500 members at Carmeuse Lime & Stone are, l. to r., front row, John Wirgow, Gary Luetzow, Jeff Hoedel; back row, Anthony Lafleche, Roger Nash, IR Mark Kelly, and Jeff Karsten.

A brief listing of recent agreements signed and ratified by Boilermaker local lodges

L-13 — Philadelphia

Effective April 23, 2008 to March 31, 2011, for four members of Local 13, Philadelphia, who perform shop and field work in the oil and gas division of Integra Services Technologies Inc.

L-M18 — Buffalo, N.Y.

Effective June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2011, for 24 members of Local M18, Buffalo, N.Y., who make metal plating at the Keystone Corp.

L-M68 — Cincinnati

Effective April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2010, for 75 members of Local M68, Cincinnati, who work at Micro Metal Finishing LLC, providing high volume metal finishing services for the automotive, appliance, tool, and fastener industries.

L-128 — Toronto

Effective Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2010, for five members of Local 128, Toronto, who make gaskets for heat exchangers at AGS Flexitallic, and effective Jan.1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2012, for 34 Local 128 members who fabricate structural steel at Promart Industrial Fabricators.

L-158 — Peoria, Ill.

Effective Feb. 18, 2008 to Feb. 13, 2010, for six members of Local 158, Peoria, Ill., who make equipment for railroad track maintenance at Teleweld. Founded in 1939 as a welding contractor for the railroad industry, Teleweld also manufactures grinders, rail saws, and other related equipment it has developed over the years.

L-S185 — Belleville, Ill.

Effective April 15, 2008 to April 15, 2009, for 33 members of Local S185, Belleville, Ill., who perform fabrication work at Roesch Inc. Founded in 1916 as a porcelain enamel contract manufacturer, Roesch has expanded as a custom jobber to major cooking appliance, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning manufacturers.

L-242 — Spokane, Wash.

Effective May 5, 2008 to May 4, 2011, for 74 members of Local 242, Spokane, Wash., who make pre-engineered steel buildings for Garco Building Systems. Garco has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing steel building systems for industrial, community, and agricultural applications since 1958.

L-D449 — West Windsor, Vt.

Effective May 12, 2008 to May 11, 2011, for 23 members of Local D449, West Windsor, Vt., who make talc at Luzenac America for the paper, plastic, paint, rubber, cosmetic, ceramic, pharmaceutical, animal feed, soap, and roofing industries.

L-480 — Jacksonville, Ill.

Effective May 17, 2008 to May 17, 2011, for 330 members of Local 480, Jacksonville, Ill., who make cooking and food oil at A.C. Humko. Products include shortening, salad oil, margarine, vegetable oil, and meat fats.

L-D494 — Burlington, Ontario

Effective Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2010, for 22 members of Local D494, Burlington, Ontario, who work in the Caledon aggregate quarry for Lafarge Canada Inc. Lafarge provides aggregates for a broad range of construction applications. Products include a full line of graded stone in various sizes, as well as concrete and masonry sand, gravel, and slag aggregates.

L-D500 — Rogers City, Mich.

Effective Aug. 1, 2008 to July 31, 2012, for 111 members of Local D500, Rogers City, Mich., who make crushed lime stone in the calcite operation of Carmeuse Lime & Stone.

L-558 — Windsor, Conn.

Effective June 30, 2008 to June 26, 2011, for 65 members of Local 558, Windsor, Conn., who work at the Westinghouse Electric Co., fabricating fuel product components for nuclear reactors such as fuel grids, cages, top and bottom end fittings, fuel rod end caps, and control element assemblies.

L-744 — Cleveland

Effective Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2010, for members of Local 744, Cleveland, who work at Eagle Mechanical LLC, a mechanical and heating contractor in Youngstown, Ohio.

L-1247 — Chicago

Effective Feb. 23, 2008 to Feb. 22, 2011, for five members of Local 1247, Chicago, who work in maintenance at Aramark Uniforms & Career Apparel LLC, a provider of uniforms and rugs (and uniform cleaning) to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses around the world. And effective April 15, 2008 to April 15, 2011, for 43 Local 1247 members who work at Midwestern Rust Proof Inc., a provider of functional and decorative metal coating services for over 80 years.

L-1620 — Portland, Ind.

Effective May 1, 2008 to April 30, 2013, for 178 members of L-1620, Portland, Ind., who work at Portland Forge, producing custom, impression die hot forgings for auto, truck, and other industries.

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