New lodge officers attend training

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Sept. 9-11

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Program held in five cities in United States and Canada

2008 WAS AN election year — not only for the governments of Canada and the United States, but also for Boilermaker local lodges in both countries. While U.S. lodges must hold elections every three years, Canadian lodges do so every five years. Occasionally, the Boilermaker local lodge election cycles coincide, as they did in 2008.

There is no training program (unfortunately) for newly-elected politicians, but there is for newly-elected Boilermaker local lodge officers. From September to November, the Boilermakers’ Department of Education and Training Services sponsored four sessions in the United States and one in Canada.

This training covered the legal foundations of unions, duties of officers, local lodge bylaws, committees and meetings, political action, safety and health, communication skills, and handling financial obligations. Participants learned how to do a thorough quarterly audit by conducting a mock audit.

Dir. of Training & Education Services Donald Caswell said he was impressed by the talent and dedication of officers attending the training. “In every session, the officers were thoroughly engaged throughout the training. In addition to learning from the instructors, they engaged in lively discussions and shared innovative solutions for problems their locals are experiencing.”

Held in St. John’s, Newfoundland; Chicago, Ill.; Oakland, Calif.; and Philadelphia, Penn., the sessions attracted more than 200 participants. Instructors included D-CETS Donald Caswell, Administrative Assistant to the Accounting Supervisor Tara LaGree, Director of Health & Safety Mark Garrett, Director of Legislative Affairs Abraham Breehey, and Director of Government Affairs Bridget Martin.

The Canadian session also included presentations from National Health & Safety Director Jason McInnis, Canadian National Training Director Grant Jacobs, International Rep. Richard Macintosh. Concurrent with the new officer training, Canadian Construction Division business managers learned from Director of Construction Division Services Skipper Branscum about the market recovery program and jurisdiction issues.

PARTICIPANTS IN THE 2008 New Officer Training in St. John's, Newfoundland included Cement District Lodge D11 Assistant Bus. Agent Kevin Forsyth; Local 73 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) trustees Kevin Wood, Lloyd Raiche, and Dominic Duguay; Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario) President David Lewis, Recording Sec. Ben Groulx, inspector Marc Guay, Chairman of Trustees Kenny Kilday, and trustees Colin Docherty and Frank Robinson; Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta) inspector Blair Savoie; Local 203 (St. John's, Newfoundland) inspector Wayne Searle; Local D274 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) President Dwayne Bochen; Local D277 (Bamberton, British Columbia) ST Gabe Hajdu; Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia) President John Cole, ST Ken Noga, and trustees Dave Braithwaite and Al Dingwall; Local D366 (Mississauga, Ontario) Treasurer Dave Lenarduzzi and plant union chairman George Ribble; Local D385 (Vancouver, British Columbia) ST Ken Fenske; Local D486 (New Westminster, British Columbia) ST Steve Holt; Local D513 (Edmonton, Alberta) Treasurer Michael Rezko; Local 532 (Regina, Saskatchewan) President Curtis Nesset, ST Leonard Brodner, and trustee Perry Lindgren; Local 555 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) President Marc Lagasse, Recording Sec. Nathan Ebenal, trustee Mike Lefley, and sergeant-at-arms Andrew Levesque; and Local D579 (Lantz, Nova Scotia) President Laurie Preeper and ST Glen Cantfell.

Participants in the 2008 New Officer Training in Chicago, Ill. included Local S8 (Equality, Ill.) President Greg Fort, Vice President Rodney Shires, ST Keith Clayton, and trustees Mark Malone and Anthony Young; Local D27 (Independence, Mo.) President J. David Herron and Recording Sec. Bernard Breunig; Local 66 (Little Rock, Ark.) Chairman of Trustees John Mansker and trustee Kevin Chastain; Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) Missouri agent Joe Lowendowski; Local 84 (Paola, Kan.) President Brent Mitzner and ST Doug Damron; Local D239 (Three Forks, Mont.) President Randy Tocci and Recording Sec. Nick Allen; Local D357 (Fairborn, Ohio) ST David Silcott and Recording Sec. Bret Silcott; Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.) President William Lopez, Recording Sec. Eric Estes, and Chairman of Trustees Sean Burke; Local D421 (Tulsa, Okla.) President Kevin Conkwright and ST Rebecca Thompson; Local 443 (Manitowoc, Wis.) ST William Johnson and trustee Dave Kaczrowski; Local 449 (Sturgeon Bay, Wis.) VP Mark Heimbecher, ST Rodney Gilbertson, and trustees Gary Combs, Randy Gossen, and Joshua Mastalir; Local D597 (Genoa, Ohio) ST Alfredo Reyes; Local 647 (Minneapolis) President Kory Olson and Chairman of Trustees Luke Voigt; Local 650 (Lake City, Minn.) President Roy Demge; Local 1247 (Chicago) President Jesse Butler, VP James Young, ST Leroy Sykes, Recording Sec. Marco Robles, and inspector Roberto Cabrera; and Local 1620 (Portland, Ind.) President William Coleman, Chairman of Trustees Mark Shannon, and trustees Mike Chapman and Sean Landess.

Participants in the 2008 New Officer Training in Oakland, Calif. included Local 4 (Page, Ariz.) President Lester Begay, VP Burke Gehrig, and trustees Lionel Benally, Ernest Coleman, and Frank Lucero Jr.; Local 6 (Oakland, Calif.) business rep. Juan D. Garcia; Local D46 (Santa Cruz, Calf.) President Eric Karo, ST Cynthia Escobar, and trustee Dimitri Tyrosvoutis; Local D37 (Seattle) Treasurer Dale Ryker; Local 90 (Pearl Harbor, Hawaii) ST Keola Martin; Local 104 (Seattle) President Dean Calhoun, Vice President Sheldon Murray, Recording Sec. Kathleen Murray, and Chairman of Trustees John Perazzo IV; Local S200 (Wichita Falls, Texas) President John Nichols and ST Theresa Myrick; Local 344 (Ridgecrest, Calf.) President John Sewell, VP Michael Magby, ST Leslie Dikes, and trustees Edward Bradway and James Carr; Local D435 (Helena, Mont.) ST Chris Frank; Local D465 (Oklahoma City, Okla.) President Brad Hubbs and ST Leo Faw Faw; Local 502 (Tacoma, Wash.) President Blaine Roulst, VP David Southwell, Recording Sec. Larry Seaberg, inspector Erik Seaberg, Chairman of Trustees Michael Anthony, trustee and LEAP Chairman Richard Jones, and trustee Dale Mason; Local 549 (Pittsburg, Calf.) President Dale Bilyeu; Local 627 (Phoenix, Ariz.) President and LEAP Chairman Russell Crossan, trustee/dispatcher James Welch, and trustee Larry Baca; Local 1998 (National City, Calf.) office manager and organizing coordinator Margaret Barrientos; and DNCL President and ST Richard L. Piloski.

Participants in the 2008 New Officer Training in Philadelphia included Local 5 (New York) Recording Sec. Thomas Ryan, Chairman of Trustees James Waldron, and trustee David Cook; Local 7 (Buffalo, New York) President Daniel DeCarlo, Local 13 (Philadelphia) President Michael Impagliazzo, VP Vincent Mangiamele, Recording Sec. Kevin Lennon, and inspector Matthew Fink; Local 19 (Philadelphia) President David Gaillard, VP Jose Rivera, ST Fredrick Chamberlain, inspector Ronald Ferguson, and trustees Warren Milton and Charles Bruno II; Local 28 (Newark, N.J.) trustees Michael Egan and Jason Verge; Local 57 (Portsmouth, Va.) President Wayne Jones, ST William Pontious Jr., and trustee Willie Jordon; Local 87 (West Chester, Pa.) President Harry Williams; Local 88 (Essington, Pa.) VP Pasquale Generosi and ST Jeffrey Roth; Local 104 (Seattle) trustee David Barnhart; Pennsylvania “Keystone” Industrial Council lead committeeman Charles Goodman; Local 151 (Erie, Pa.) President Mike Cantrell and committeeman Dave Kemick; Local 193 (Baltimore) President Paul Swartz, VP Keith Jones, and Chairman of Trustees James Phillips; Local 249 (Huntington, W.Va.) ST Duane Twigg; Local 802 (Chester, Pa.) President Elwood McGinnis and ST Jim Sladek; Local 1600 (St. Charles, Ill.) President Mario Porras, VP Miguel Fonseca, Recording Sec. Jim Grosse, and trustee Tom Fatigante; and Local M300 (Aurora, Ind.) President Tim Ashcraft, VP Robert Mattox, and ST Rita Bennett.

Participants in the 2008 New Officer Training in Atlanta included Local S2 (Lavergne, Tenn.) President Tom Krajick and ST Timothy DeBruhl; Local 26 (Savannah, Ga.) President Bobby J. Newham and trustee Bruce Crews; Local D39 (Greencastle, Ind.) VP Ryan Miller and ST Mark Archer; Local 104 (Seattle) trustee Edward Orr; Local 105 (Chillicothe, Ohio) Recording Sec. John McWhorter; Local 108 (Birmingham, Ala.) VP Carl McCloud Jr., Chairman of Trustees Bruce Wilson, and trustee Jesse Marler; Local 112 (Mobile, Ala.) President John B. Nolen; Local D209 (Speed, Ind.) President Joseph Basham, VP Michael Johnston, and trustee Scott Maples; Local D533 (Hagerstown, Md.) President Boyd McKinsey, VP Clyde Bartles, and ST Jeannie Snyder; Local 584 (Tuscaloosa, Ala.) VP Joseph Lambert and ST Joseph Cook; Local D595 (Kosmosdale, Ky.) President Daniel Perry and ST John Shaw; Local 599 (Billings, Mont.) President Bill Clifton and trustee Scott Brester; Local 656 (Chattanooga, Tenn.) President Cecil A. Cunningham, ST Terry E. Bailey, and trustees Eric Sartin, Max Smith, and Chris Suit; and Local 900 (Barberton, Ohio) ST Bessie Cadle.