Canadian members sharpen supervisory leadership skills

Members of L-128 (Toronto, Ontario) and L-555 train in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Feb. 16-17, 2011.

Program emphasizes communication techniques

FORTY-EIGHT MEMBERS from four Canadian locals participated in the two-day field supervisor leadership training program held late last year and early this year, according to Grant Jacobs, Canadian National Director of Apprenticeship and Education. Jacobs, pictured in the first two photos kneeling/sitting at left, led the course, assisted by Jonathan White, Assistant National Training Coordinator, pictured to Jacobs’s right.

The highly interactive course promotes best practices in supervisor leadership through case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. People skills and communication techniques are stressed by the construction industry, said Jacobs, and the program helps develop proficiency in those areas, building confidence and effectiveness in novice as well as seasoned supervisors. Graduates of the course often express a new-found appreciation for the business aspects of construction and the expectations placed on a supervisor, he noted.

Courses were conducted at multiple sites across Canada. Attending from Local 555 (Winnipeg, Manitoba) were Jason Anderson, Doug Bell, Kyle Bociurko, Nicholas Crook, Kevin Glowatski, Bob Hoffman, Andrew Hunt, James Keck, Shawn Johnson, Barry Leggett, Vincent Leippy, Anthony Levesque, Cole MacDonald, Sean McElmoyle, Ryan Mauro, Cal Morris, Garrett Parthenay, Patrick Pires, Ray Posehn, David Pruden, Barry Reid, Anthony Roberts, Lonny Schellenberg, Danial Sellar, Clint St. Goddard, Thane Stark, Jamey Stringer, and Doug Werner.

Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta) members included Albert Adams, Iain Anthony, Bernard Bradley, Dale Degenhardt, Bill Gledhill, Curtis Hague, Thomas Holomego, Jeffrey Jarosz, Kelly Sidebottom, and Lance Tillapaugh.

Members from Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario) included Wade Carson and Terry Nicol; and from Local 359 (Calgary, Alberta) Lawrence Greenwood, Shan Hendy, Andy Maddock, Egon Maver, Adam W. E. Saunders, Greg Stone, Jason Swetlikoff, and Richard Taylor.