Other Scholarship winners from 2015

IEC committee announces local, CFL winners

THE BOILERMAKERS’ International Executive Council has announced its selection of scholarship recipients for two local lodges and the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL).

The committee selected Jason Boutilier, son of Daniel Boutilier, Lodge 73 (St. John, New Brunswick), and Dawn Elizabeth Curran, granddaughter of Edward Curran, Lodge 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), to each receive a $1,000 CFL scholarship award.

Daniel is attending Nova Scotia Community College and taking courses in the welding trade. He plans to become a Boilermaker.

Dawn was accepted by the Memorial University of Newfoundland and plans to study science and humanities, ultimately becoming a medical doctor.

The committee also announced the winners of local lodge scholarship awards. Chelsea Catherine Costello, daughter of Ian Costello, will receive a $2,000 scholarship award from Local Lodge 146, and Alison Grace Bachand-Lapointe, daughter of Ken Bachand, will receive a $1,000 award from the lodge.

Chelsea plans to pursue a degree in education at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

Alison plans to earn a degree at MacEwan University School of Business in Edmonton.

Scholarships presented by Local 13, Local 83, Local 105 and Local 108

EDUCATIONAL GRANTS were presented earlier this year by Local 13 (Philadelphia), Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.), Local 105 (Piketon, Ohio), and Local 108 (Birmingham, Ala.) to dependents of their respective memberships.

Local 13 selected winning applicants for 16 academic scholarships, and two Jeffrey C. Davis Awards (including one vocational and one graduate award).

The vocational grant, funded by the widow of apprentice Jeffrey C. Davis (who died in a 2002 job-site explosion), as well as the Jeffrey C. Davis Graduate Award, will be given over a period of two years at $600 per semester for four semesters.

The Local 13 scholarship committee does not release the names of scholarship winners for publication.

Local 83 awarded six $3,000 scholarships from a special fund to the following: Taylor Ashley, daughter of Todd Ashley; Miranda Helmich, daughter of Bill Helmich; Bruce Smith, Jr., son of Bruce Smith; Tristin Reed , daughter of Sam Reed; Danielle Phipps, daughter of Ron Phipps; and Bryan Smith, son of Kevin Carman.

Local 105 presented $1,000 Don Storey scholarships to Hayden Douglas Flinner, son of member Doug Flinner; Annamarie Lauren Karr, daughter of member John Karr; Zachary Thomas Martin, son of Tom Martin; and Casey Alexander White, son of Kevin White.

The Local 108 Scholarship Fund provided six $1,000 educational awards to the following dependents of local lodge members: Kara Hall, daughter of Shannon Hall; Ja’Korbein Porter-Keith, daughter of John Keith; Rebecca Kelly, daughter of Bobby Kelly; Jessica Strenth, daughter of John Ed Strenth III; Wynter Thurman, daughter of retired member Roger Blevins; and Savannah Williamson, daughter of Timothy Williamson.

Dependents of Local 13, Local 83, and Local 108 members who meet the eligibility requirements of the International Executive Council (IEC) Scholarship Program may also apply separately to Local 13, Local 83, or Local 108 for their awards program.

Dependents of Local 105 and Local 146 members who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship are also considered applicants to their respective local lodge award programs.

Dependents of Canadian members who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship are also considered applicants to the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL) scholarship program.