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Boilermakers rehab boiler at A.S. King Plant


Workers on this night shift rigging crew are among 265 Boilermakers employed by B&W at the A.S. King Plant in Bayport, Minn.

B&W crews work 140,000 man-hours without injury

WORKING AT EXCEL Energy’s A.S. King Plant in Bayport, Minn., 265 Boilermakers are completing a Babcock & Wilcox boiler rehab project ― and they are compiling an impressive safety record in the process. B&W field supervisor Mike James reported that more than 140,000 man-hours have been worked “without so much as a scratch.” The job requires 10 cyclone change-outs. “These men truly deserve praise for their hard work and attention to detail,” James stated.

Local 647 BM-ST Paul Pendergast (Minneapolis, Minn.) said the project is winding down and should be completed by late February.

Boilermakers are among the night shift rigging crew pictured below. First row, l. to r.: Javier Gonzalez, Local 74 (standing); Phillip Farris, Local 132; Kevin Wheatley, Local 132; Gregg Goss, Local 587; Parker Rogers, Local 500; Al Simmons, Local 132; Roy Burns, Local 132; John Silversmith, Local 627; Dave Hynes, Local 627; and Shawn Morgan, Local 74. Second row, l. to r.: Dee Simper, B&W supervision; David Parkison, B&W supervision; Charles Hall, Local 627; Alex Secody, Local 4; Kelly Hendon, Local 108; Brennan Miles, Local 455; Richy Carter, Local 627; and Jim Lough, Local 112. Back row, l. to r.: Al Perrin, Local 647; John Murray, Local 647 (partially hidden); Mike James, B&W supervision; Richard Hill, Local 455; Keith Reed (Operating Engineers); and Jerry Lee (Operating Engineers).

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Published on the Web: June 25, 2007

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