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Seventy-two receive field supervisor training in Canada

L-555 (Regina, Saskatchewan), Feb. 17-18 Seated, left to right: Sean Dixon, Justin McRedmond, Noel Loffler and Mike Feiffer. Back row: Grant Jacobs (Director of National Training), Dallas Rogers, Clayton Stephanson, Dana Koloski, Travis Englesman, Jade Herman and Jonathan White (Assistant National Training Coordinator).

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Locals 128, 203, 146 and 555 host courses

NATIONAL TRAINING, CANADA, taught the Field Supervisor Leadership Training Course to 72 members across the country during 2016. The two-day sessions were held at Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario), Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), Local 203 (St. John’s, Newfoundland), and Local 555, facilities in Regina, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The course is designed for first-line supervision in areas such as administrative responsibilities, people skills and the business aspects of construction. Grant Jacobs, Director of National Training, continues to encourage all members, including current and future supervisors, to sign up for an upcoming course through their local lodge training departments.

“Enhancing the performance of our field supervisors can significantly improve most, if not all aspects of a project, including safety, crew morale, productivity and costs attributed to rework,” said Jacobs, “all of which will help to maintain and improve upon the competitive advantage that members have worked hard to establish.”