Members from six Canadian locals attend steward training

Members of Nova Scotia Locals 73, D324, and D579 attend steward training March 27.

FIFTY-ONE MEMBERS from six lodges attended a stewards program in Canada during the first half of this year.

On Jan. 19, Local 359 held a training program at its Burnaby, British Columbia, union hall and another program the following day on Vancouver Island. Participants included Robert Barber, Al Bennett, Robert Brugge, Ben Gogol, Larry Greenwood, Chris Hoskins, Hayden Huntley, Robert Maeschalck, Egon Maver, Hilary Peach, Rob Raj, Jason Swetlikoff, and Dan Steele.

On Feb. 4, Local 555 held a training class at its new hall in East St. Paul, Manitoba. Members attending included Jason Blackledge, Dean Bull, Brian Connelly, Jim Donnelly, Joel Gauthier, Anthony Genovey, Cameron Oswald, Patrick Pires, Garry Schunemann, Les Smith, and Tony Stark.

Members of three Nova Scotia lodges attended steward training on March 27 at the Halifax Delta Hotel: from Local 73 (Halifax), Doug Samson and Scott Wolfe; from Local D324 (Havelock), Brian Burgess, Scott Carson, and Jason Dempsey; and from Local D579 (Lantz), Darren Brant, Glen Cantfell, Clint Isenor Jr., Trevor Isenor, Laurie E. Preeper, Rod Rushton, and Christopher L White. The following Local 73 members attended both the March 27 steward training and a program on jurisdiction the next day: Patrick Beam, Alain Benoit, Nicolas Brideau, Stephen Chisholm, Denis LeBlanc, Kirk MacLeod, Dale Mattie, David Noel, and Greg Royles.

On June 9, Local 128 hosted a basic steward class in Port Elgin, Ontario. Participating were Ronnie Collier, Kenneth Kilday Jr., Mike McCabe Jr., Stirling Munn, Luke Sovie, and Craig Walker.