Canadian members attend train-the-trainer program

Attending the train-the-trainer program were (l. to r.): front row, Ed Frerotte, L-128; Ted Stark, L-555; Grant Jacobs, National Training Coordinator; Jim Fitzpatrick, L-191; Ernie Aker, L-73; Jean-Yves Poirier, L-73; Skipper Branscum, Director of Construction Division Services; middle row, Curtis Nesset, L-532; Eian McDonald and Jim Quinn, L-451; Darrell Bray, L-555; Robert Roach, L-128; Gary Bender, L-532; Ray Farrell, L- 73; Bill Healey, L-203; and back row, Eugene LeBlanc, L-73; Arnie Stadnick, L-146; Carl Ellsworth, L-359; Greg Pierce, L-359; Ken Noga, L-359; and Intl. Reps Norm Ross and Kent Oliver.

Class provides helpful tools, advice for steward training

MEMBERS FROM ALL across Canada gathered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for a train-the-trainer program the week of March 24, as part of the Canadian Steward Certificate Basic Program.

The train-the-trainer for the steward training program, developed and led by Director of Education and Training Services Donald Caswell and Intl. Rep Richard MacIntosh, provides the basic tools and skills workplace leaders need to successfully represent members of the Boilermakers union. The session prepares local lodge leaders and International reps to train stewards.

Also providing instruction were Director of Construction Division Services Skipper Branscum, who discussed ways to protect Boilermaker jurisdiction, and National Training Coordinator Grant Jacobs, who gave presentation tips.

Jacobs uses an acronym from his university days called ROPES to help guide members through their presentations: Review, Objective, Presentation, Exercise, and Summary.

Participants also received a copy of the Steward’s Handbook, a facilitator’s guidebook, and a PowerPoint presentation they can use for basic steward training in their home lodges.