Other scholarship winners

Local 83 presents scholarship awards totaling $15,000 to dependents of six Local 83 members. L. to r., front row, scholarship recipients Steven Alagna, Cassadie Urie, Stephanie Novich, and Amanda Branscum; back row, BM-ST Randy Cruse, Pres. Larry Horseman, Special Funds Committeemen Frank King (chairman), Dave Leimer, and Joe Lewandowski. Not pictured are scholarship winners Nicole Givens and Benjamin Kellogg.

Local 13 awards 29 grants totaling $208,800

LOCAL LODGE 13, Philadelphia, announces the winners of 28 scholarship awards, each totaling $7,200, to dependents of Local 13 members who participated in the local’s annual competition. Winners were selected based on the results of a college aptitude test administered and graded by St. Joseph’s University. The grants will be awarded over a period of four years — $900 per semester for eight semesters. The Local 13 scholarship committee does not release names of scholarship winners for publication.

Local 83 awards six grants totaling $15,000

LOCAL LODGE 83, Kansas City, Mo., announces the winners of four $3,000 and two $1,500 scholarship awards to dependents of Local 83 members who participated in the local’s annual competition.

The winners were selected by members of the local’s Special Funds Committee. Receiving a $3,000 grant were Steven James Alagna, son of Vincent Alagna; Cassadie Lynn Urie, daughter of Chris Urie; Amanda Kay Branscum, daughter of Mark Branscum; and Stephanie Lea Novich, daughter of Don Novich. Nicole Katherine Givens, daughter of Dave Givens, and Benjamin Lynn Kellogg, son of Lynn Kellogg, each received a $1,500 grant.

IEC scholarship committee announces local, CFL winners

THE BOILERMAKERS’ International Executive Council (IEC) scholarship committee has announced its selection of scholarship award recipients for two local lodges and the Canadian Federation of Labour (CFL).

Zachary White, son of Local 105 member Kevin White, was selected from eight applicants for the $1,000 award from Local 105, Chillicothe, Ohio.

Tina Garvey, daughter of Local 146 member David Garvey, was selected as a $2,000 award recipient, and Melanie Pituch, daughter of Local 146 member Czeslaw Pituch, was chosen as a $1,000 scholarship winner from two applicants to the Local 146 scholarship program in Edmonton, Alberta.

Kayla Carr, daughter of James Carr of Local 73, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Mitchell Hodgson, son of Richard Hodgson of Local 580, Halifax, Nova Scotia, were each selected to receive a $1,000 grant from the CFL.