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Fired welder wanted a union

Illegally fired for his organizing efforts, Brian Opland now works for a union contractor.

SIS Northwest breaks law to keep workers from organizing

BRIAN OPLAND LIKED his job at SIS Northwest, a custom steel fabricator 70 miles north of Seattle. He had friends there, the wages were good, and he enjoyed his work as a welder.

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L-S200 members receive Can Do Spirit Awards for organizing

David Woodard, Thersa Myrick, and Terry Burk (l. to r.) accept a Can Do Spirit Award for their organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Efforts to build membership in a right-to-work state are rewarded

AT THE JULY meeting of Local Lodge S200 (Wichita Falls, Texas), three members earned recognition for their in-plant organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Terry Burk, Thersa Myrick, and David Woodard each received a Can Do Spirit Award. The awards, part of the Boilermakers’ in-plant organizing program, were created to recognize the efforts of members who try to get their nonunion co-workers to join the union at facilities where the Boilermakers already have collective bargaining rights with the company.

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L-85 registers voters

LOCAL 85 (Toledo, Ohio) recently joined other building trades in Lima, Ohio, in an effort to get people registered to vote. The event coincided with the opening of Sen. Barack Obama’s election headquarters in Lima. L-85 BM-ST Fred Keith Jr. said the unions helped sign up 300 voters. In the photo to the right, union members take time during registration efforts to chat with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (left).

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Local 374 readies for $3.8B refinery job

BP’s Whiting, Ind., refinery will be modernized to accept more Canadian crude. Photo courtesy of BP

Project will be biggest private investment in Indiana history

AFTER YEARS of planning, engineering, and permitting, a $3.8 billion refinery modernization and expansion project is gearing up along Lake Michigan in Whiting, Ind. — and Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.) will be part of it.

The Whiting facility, owned by British Petroleum (BP), is the largest refinery in the Midwest and the fourth largest in the United States. The massive, multi-year project will allow the refinery to process additional heavy crude oil from Canada.

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Unions play role in 'Tall Ships' festival

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Eagle, a floating classroom since 1946, participates in the Parade of Sails July 3 along Foss Waterway in Tacoma, Wash. (Photo by Petty Officer Kelly Parker, U.S. Coast Guard)

Boilermakers help build infrastructure for five-day Tacoma event

BOILERMAKERS WERE among the army of union volunteers whose efforts were essential to the opening of “Tall Ships Tacoma 2008” held July 3-7 at the Thea Foss Waterway.

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Local 5 members featured on TV show

Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made” films members of Local 5’s Zone 175 making vertical steam boilers for a show to be aired in the spring of 2009.

“How It’s Made” films Zone 175 at Fulton Boiler Works

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 5’s Zone 175 (New York) will make their television debut next year on the TV show, “How It’s Made.” The show airs Fridays at 9PM/EST and chronicles the fabrication of various industrial, commercial, and household products, featuring a narration of the process from conception to shipment.

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Union Tank Car closes

Company officials join Local 524 members in front of the last tank built at Union Tank Car in East Chicago, Ind. L-524’s Rick Welton (last row at left in blue-plaid jacket) used a wireless transmitter to take this photo.

Local 524 members are out of work

40 YEARS, 400 JOBS. That was the headline of a local newspaper story announcing the May 30th closing of Union Tank Car in East Chicago, Ind.

That’s 400 Boilermaker jobs — all members of Local Lodge 524.

L-524 Pres. Kelly Hounshell, a 27-year employee at the railroad car manufacturer, got word of the plant closing in March. A few months earlier the company cut production in half and laid-off 100 employees.

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L-667 member earns award for political service

L-667’s David Fox receives an award for his service as mayor of Sistersville, W.Va.

West Virginia Governor Manchin honors Sistersville Mayor David Fox

DAVID FOX, a seven-year member of Local 667 (Charleston, W.Va.), has just been re-elected to his second term as mayor of Sistersville, W.Va. He has also been awarded a certificate of recognition from the state of West Virginia for his “outstanding service to both the city of Sistersville and Tyler County.”

Locals  L-667

L-128 members form society to help others

Members of the Bruce Society of Boilermakers include L-128 members, l. to r., Jim Watson, Kenny Kilday, Terry Keenan, Dan Greig, Gerry Burke, and Jim Barefoot.

Bruce Society of Boilermakers has raised over $20,000 for groups and individuals

WHEN MEMBERS OF Local 128 (Toronto, Ontario) learned that one of their members had a brain tumor, they collected money at the plant gate to help support him and planned a golf tournament to raise more funds. Their efforts were so successful they decided to continue their work by forming the Bruce Society of Boilermakers. They have since raised over $20,000 to help people in need.

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