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L-154 makes symbolic Navy anchor

Wet, cold, and hungry, newly-minted Navy CPOs charge up a muddy hill carrying a symbolic anchor made by Local 154 members.

Steel assembly is centerpiece for CPO training and induction

LIKE MANY BOILERMAKER lodges, Local 154 (Pittsburgh) occasionally gets an unusual request for services because of the special skills of its members. That was the case last year when a call came in to build a Navy anchor. The specifications were odd, to be sure. This would be a seven-piece anchor that could be assembled and carried by hand. And it would be made of plate steel.

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Widow of former Local 1 business manager donates print

Mrs. Marie B. McDonough presents a framed copy of Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” print to L-1 BM-ST John Skermont.

Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” will hang in union hall once again

MRS. MARIE B. McDonough, widow of retired L-1 BM-ST Robert McDonough, donated her husband’s cherished copy of Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom of Speech” print Aug. 12, 2008, to L-1 BM-ST John Skermont for display at the Chicago union hall.

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Medal of Honor remains elusive for L-13’s Gresko

Gresko’s boot camp graduation photo, 1969.

Supporters hope four decades of denial will be reversed

A HEROIC DEED from 39 years ago continues to inspire Local 13 (Philadelphia) Boilermakers to seek the Medal of Honor for one of their brothers, retired member Richard Gresko.

Fighting in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division, then-Lance Cpl. Gresko, age 20, threw himself on an enemy grenade on March 11, 1970, to save three fellow Marines during a night ambush. The Philadelphia native received the Navy Cross in 1976, the second-highest award for valor a Marine can earn.

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L-83 hosts man working 50 jobs in 50 states

Career-seeker Daniel Seddiqui, second from left, gets some first-hand experience with a tube beveling machine at Local 83 in Kansas City, Mo. From left are welding instructor Mike Anderson, Seddiqui, welding instructor Clayton “Lumpy” Knepp, and BM-ST Randy Cruse.

Daniel Seddiqui adds “boilermaker” to list of occupations for new book

LOCAL 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) hosted a most unusual guest the week of January 5-9 — a man who hopes to work 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks.

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Father and son work as a team

RANDY AND JEREMY PAINTER are a father-and-son team working at the John Amos Power Plant in Winfield, W.Va. Both are members of Local 667 (Charleston, W.Va.). Randy joined the union in 1995; Jeremy in 2005.

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L-60 apprentice moonlights in union-made gear

Bill Herman, a third-year apprentice with Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.), holds one of the T-shirts he designed for his company, Union Boilermaker Gear.

BILL HERMAN BECAME a field construction Boilermaker apprentice in 2005, joining Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.) in Sept. 2006. Throughout his four-year apprenticeship, his frustration grew in his search to find union-made clothing and gear. When he graduated in March 2009, he did so with the hope that no other Boilermaker would have to go through such an exhausting search, not now that he has opened his own online company called

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L-34 members celebrate holiday, raise funds for sick member

Over 100 people attend Local 34’s Christmas party in Topeka, Kan., including retired Intl. Vice Pres. Joe Stinger (pictured at right in off-white jacket).

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 34 (Topeka, Kan.) attended their annual Christmas party Dec. 13. The members usually celebrate Christmas at work by eating pizza together. But this year, with help from the law firm C. Marshall Friedman, they partied with their spouses at the Crestview Shelter House in Topeka. Over 100 active and retired members and guests enjoyed an evening of celebration and activities.

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L-5 donates hand tools to soldiers

NEW YORK LOCAL 5 members enjoy a “topping off” ceremony to celebrate placement of the highest beam at the Yaphank Long Island work site, where they raised funds to purchase hand tools for the 1st Battalion, “Fighting 69th” Infantry (Mechanized). The 1/69th is a New York Army National Guard unit. The soldiers were redeployed to Afghanistan, and had asked for tools to make repairs. The Local 5 purchase included wrench sets, air tool kits, hoses, drills, saws, and flashlights.

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L-374’s Maday named Labor Leader of the Week

Local 374 BM-ST Paul Maday is named Labor Leader of the Week by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

PAUL MADAY, business manager/secretary-treasurer of Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.), has been named the Sept. 22 Labor Leader of the Week by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

In naming Maday, the federation cited his local’s political activism in support of Barack Obama, which included labor walks, member-to-member phone banking, and mailings to members.

Maday, who joined Local 374 as an apprentice in 1976, has served as the lodge’s business manager since June 2005. Chartered in 1936, Local 374 is a shop and construction lodge representing members in Northwest Indiana.

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