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L-101, Lincoln Electric team up to help Scouts


A young Scout shows his excitement after welding his initials in plate steel. Holding up the handiwork is L-101 member Vince Sheely.


A female Scout listens intently to instructions while anxiously waiting her turn to weld.

Welding event draws kids seeking merit badges

BOILERMAKERS TEAMED UP with Lincoln Electric at the Denver Scout Show April 26 to provide some hands-on experience for about 200 members of the Boy Scouts seeking a welding merit badge. The Scouts, some as young as five or six, lined up at the welding stations throughout the day.

“We didn’t know what to expect going into this event,” said Local 101 (Denver) BM-ST Tim Ruth. “We were definitely the most popular exhibit. Some kids en-joyed it so much they lined up more than once. It was a blast to work with the little ones.”

L-101 members Joseph Fross, Vince Sheely, and helper Nick Storiale, along with L-104 (Page, Ariz.) member Jeremy Thorne took the Scouts under wing to explain the welding tasks and supervise their work. Each Scout received close personal attention to make sure the protective gear was fitted correctly. Under the watchful eyes of the Boilermaker tutors, the Scouts performed a T-weld and also inscribed their initials in plate steel.

Lincoln Electric welding expert Myron Delgado provided the equipment and overall supervision. “Welding is a major part of our everyday life,” he said. “It is great to see the youth engaged in welding, all while [we give something back] to the community. It’s a win-win [situation].”

Delgado donated three welding machines to the Boy Scouts at the end of the day on behalf of Lincoln Electric.

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Published on the Web: June 9, 2014

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