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Locals award service pins

Local 1 • Chicago

JOHN SKERMONT, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 40 YEARS — Thomas E. Hartley;
  • 35 YEARS — Christopher A. Pranger;
  • 30 YEARS — Steven A. Lambert; and
  • 25 YEARS — John C. Nolan.

Local 60 • Morton, Ill.

GARY LUSK, BM-ST of Local 60, Morton, Ill., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 45 YEARS — John Miskell, Bernard Piotrowski Jr.;
  • 40 YEARS — Steve Wood;
  • 35 YEARS — Michael Chavez, Gary Lusk, Jeffrey Sittler;
  • 30 YEARS — James Moreland;
  • 25 YEARS — James Haas;
  • 20 YEARS — James Baker, David Bend, Kevin Burress, Tommy Hall, Joseph Rayborn, Andy Sibert; and
  • 15 YEARS — Terence Einhaus, Joseph Grennan, Andrew Hebert, Thomas Iwanicki, Aron Knight, Francisco Palazzo, Rick Prince, Dennis Willstead.

Local 83 • Kansas City, Mo.

SCOT ALBERTSON, BM-ST of Local 83, Kansas City, Mo., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 45 YEARS — Nick Enzbrenner;
  • 40 YEARS — Roger Erickson;
  • 35 YEARS — Charles Bernt, Michael Brotherton, Ricky Do, Patrick Heptinstall, Bruce Schanuth, Geary W. Shaddox, Clay Zimmerman;
  • 30 YEARS — Jase Barckley, Clifford Pryor, John Sharp, Terry Verrips;
  • 20 YEARS — Randy Tannehill; and
  • 15 YEARS — Scot Albertson , Virgil Hambleton, C. Curtis Perry, To Q. Vo.

Local 193 • Baltimore, Md.

MICHAEL HERD, BM-ST of Local 193, Baltimore, Md., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 60 YEARS — Edward Blair, Byron Fowler, Vernon L. Grimes Jr., Roger Sapp, George Washington Jr.;
  • 55 YEARS — William D. Ervin Sr., Eldon Gold;
  • 50 YEARS — Leonard C. Hall Jr., Chester Seabolt;
  • 45 YEARS — Dennis Barron, Donald Coster, Gary Hawkins, Edward Powers, Lewis Powers, William Reeson, Charlie Spivey, Fred J. Townsend Jr., William Zaetz;
  • 40 YEARS — Robert L. Anderson Jr., Frank Barnes Jr., Carroll Berry, William Boggs Jr., Earl Burns, Alfonzo DiPietro Jr., Ernest F. Dorsey, Michael Dorsey, Larry Eller, William Haines, Raymond Ivy, Richard Ivy, Charles Kafka, Gary Lam, Joseph Lockwood, Phillip Lumpkins, Cromwell Medin, Mark Mellett, Frederick Mouery Jr., Franklin Parsons, Dennis Seabolt, Thomas Stadler Sr., Thomas Stevenson;
  • 35 YEARS — George Carpenter, Michael Chadwick, William Cummings, William L. Dorsey, James Johnson, John Larlham, James Piorunski, Barry Royston, Buster Sines, James Sparks, Ricky Spruill, Gary Stanley, Jeffrey Stinebiser, Wesley Storm, Thomas Vogt, Timothy Weber, Paul Zelenka;
  • 25 YEARS — James Donelson, David Pugh;
  • 20 YEARS — Joshua Covington, Leon Fulmer, Todd Mcintyre; and
  • 15 YEARS — John J. Bishoff, Martin J. Kroschinsky Jr., John S. Michalski, Dennis Stumpf II, Timothy Takovich, James Timbrook.

Local 647 • Ramsey, Minn.

LUKE VOIGT, BM-ST of Local 647, Ramsey, Minn., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 50 YEARS — Jay M. Anderson, Melvin M. Shilts;
  • 45 YEARS — Gary L. Dart, Clive M. Kells, Duane E. Malakowsky, Dale L. Nelson, Leroy Schriever, Jesse G. Zeman;
  • 40 YEARS — Ed G. Chilson, Jerry L. Frion, Everett A. Hellman, Darris G. Job, Walter J. Johnson Jr., Robert L. Krueger, William J. Kuehl, Charles J. Langer, Leland Nygaard, Arthur J. Schaller Jr., Robert J. Stelzer, Jerry D. Strandberg, Robert M. Watkins, James L. Wilhelmi;
  • 35 YEARS — Glenn Albright, David B. Baney, Randy L. Buckmiller, Patrick L. Morrison, Rodney L. Pilarski, Timothy Schreifels;
  • 30 YEARS — Richard Zoellner;
  • 25 YEARS — Perry E. Nelson, Mike A. Olinger, Darcy A. Soltis;
  • 20 YEARS — Paul E. Hoffart, Gaylyn Magner; and
  • 15 YEARS — Dale J. Jacobson, Travis J. Pearson, Brian R. Tycz.

Local 696 • Marinette, Wis.

JOHN LESJACK, PRESIDENT of Local 696, Marinette, Wis., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 40 YEARS — Gary Baumgarten, John Bellisle, Dale Carlson, Timothy Chaney, Lawrence Eichhorn, Thomas Eichhorn, Dennis Hipke, Gail Hubbard, Carl H. Johnson, Leon Laurin, Kenneth Paquette, James Renner, Steve Tenarvitz, Dwight Thoune, Keith Thoune, Kenneth Thoune; and
  • 35 YEARS — Mark Aide, John Antonissen, Michael Bauer, David Baxter, Reuben Behrendt, Guy Bottkol, Geoffrey Brown, Paul Bruno, Lawrence Christensen, Dewayne Corwin, David Dehne, Clarence Felmer, James Frosch, Thomas Grun, Darrell Hipke, Robert Hotzel, Paul Hubbard, Nels Jensen Jr., Todd Jensen, Alan Johnson, Dennis Kaczmarczyk, Dennis Klatt, Joseph Klaver, Roger Krzewina, Ivan Laurin, Glenn Lauzer Jr., John Lesjack, Gerald Lesperance Sr., Michael Makosky, David Margis, Tim Maye, Gary McMahon, Dawn Nelson, Michael Nicklaus, David Overman, Edward Partridge, Michael Pecor, Todd Pell, David Penoza, Steven Petrosky, Steven Phillips, Mark Pleshek, Gerald Podoski, Stephen Rae, Barbara Renner, Charles Renner, Daniel Sebero, Frank Shubert, David Sibbald, Rudy Stefanski, Dave Vandomelen, Allen Wiandt, Glen Westerberg.

Local 1510 • Russellville, Ark.

TERRY HONEYCUTT, PRESIDENT of Local 1510, Russellville, Ark., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 35 YEARS — Melvin Bryan, Eugene Chandler, James Dixon, Johnny Hamilton, Dianne (Harris) Duvall, Jimmy Housley, Donna Jackson, Marilyn Keeling, Steven Leavell, Dennis Weaver;
  • 30 YEARS — Donald Choate, Ray Croy, Billy Duvall, Billy Mayer;
  • 25 YEARS — Dorthy Bradley, David Burton, Gerald Fountain, David Hood, Gary Moore, Marty Petersen, Duane Ray, William Sims, Michael Standridge, Larry Ward, Ronnie Williams;
  • 20 YEARS — Gregory Crawford, Anthony Davis, Derwin Gilkey, Billy Laymon, James Leavell, James Lewis, Keith Maston, Harley Joe Nichols, Timothy Nichols, Danny Selby, Wilburn Taylor Jr.; and
  • 15 YEARS — Walter Adney, Tommy Ames, Jessie Chronister, Larry Chuculate, Lewis Chuculate, Jerry Honeycutt, Terry Honeycutt, Gregory Hurtado, Garry Penman, Christopher Perrin, Don Sims, Kevin Standridge, David Walton.


We publish only those lists sent from local lodge officers for pins received in the current year. If you don’t see your lodge here, please ask one of your lodge officers to send us the list.

The Boilermaker Reporter, 753 State Ave., Suite 570, Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 281-8110 (fax) or email lodge lists to

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Locals  L-1, L-60, L-83, L-193, L-647, L-696, L-1510
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Published on the Web: January 23, 2014

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