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L-191’s Morrison to retire after 15 years as BM-ST

L-191 BM-ST Bill Morrison will retire this summer.

Lodge plans June 28 celebration

BILL MORRISON, BM-ST of Local 191 (Victoria, British Columbia) for 15 years, will retire June 30 at the end of his term.

Morrison began his career working in the Scotland shipyards in 1955. As an apprentice, he was not required to join the union until he had worked a year, but Morrison learned a valuable lesson early on about union strength.

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Members show troop support

Canadian members are displaying these yellow ribbons on their cars.

Canadian lodges distribute yellow ribbon magnets

IN APRIL, LOCAL lodges in Canada mailed yellow ribbon magnets to members for display on their cars. The ribbons have a Canadian flag and the words, “Boilermakers Support Our Troops.”

International Vice President for Western Canada Joe Maloney said, “The Boilermakers do not support war, but we do support Canadian troops who are in the middle of a battlefield, keeping the peace in other parts of the world, or in search and rescue missions here at home.

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L-146 member releases music CD

L-146 member Chris Campbell is a member of Tig Wired®, a band that plays all styles of music.

Chris Campbell produces album about life in the trades

CHRIS CAMPBELL, a 15-year member of Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), has released a new album on CD with his band, Tig Wired®. The CD describes life in the trades and contains music of several different styles, including blues, jazz, and country.

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SERT responds to Indiana tragedy

Two L-374 members die in coal plant explosion

DANNY TURNER AND DAVID SHOEMAKER, both members of Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.), were presumed killed April 28 when a faulty flange resulted in a synthetic gas explosion at SG Solutions, a coal gasification plant north of Terre Haute, Ind.

Turner and Shoemaker were working for Sterling Boiler on the eighth deck of a coal gasifier — about 150 feet in the air — when the explosion occurred.

Local 1 VP Schwartz named fire chief

Bob Schwartz, Local 1 (Chicago) vice president and business agent, is now “Chief Schwartz.”

Interest in fire fighting spans decades

AT LOCAL 1’S UNION hall in Chicago, Bob Schwartz is known as the lodge vice president, one of its business agents, and its training director. Sixty miles down the road, in the comfortable, small town of Shorewood, they have a new title for him — “chief.”

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Local 146 celebrates 60 years

Top apprentices earn recognition at the Local 146 anniversary celebration. L. to r. are Sheena Binette (2nd-year welder), Brent Toohey (3rd-year Blmkr.), Ricky Sens (entry-level Blmkr.), and Jarediah Bradley (3rd-year welder).

Members honor apprentices, long-term service

MORE THAN 500 people gathered at the Delta Inn South Jan. 26 to commemorate the 1948 chartering of Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta). Members and their families as well as industry representatives from the owner, contractor, and union communities enjoyed a dinner and musical celebration.

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L-112 loses last charter member

L-112 charter member Harwell Moose is remembered for his union activism.

HARWELL MOOSE, 91, the last surviving charter member of Local 112 (Mobile, Ala.) passed away Feb. 21. Moose joined the Boilermakers union in 1933 as a helper, becoming a journeyman in 1937. Following the charter of Local 112 in 1938, Moose worked as an organizer, signing up new members. He also served the lodge as secretary-treasurer and taught at the local’s first welding school.

“Mr. Moose will be sadly missed by the members of our local,” said L-112 BM-ST Curtis Brooks. “His contribution to Local 112 and the Boilermakers will never be forgotten.”

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Hobart develops new welding rod

The shorter length of the new Boilermaker 8018 B2 welding rod lets a welder work in tight spots with less rod waste.

Grateful for L-108 support, company names rod the Boilermaker 8018 B2

LOCAL 108 BOILERMAKERS (Birmingham, Ala.) played a key role in the development of a new alloy welding rod designed specifically for use in the power generation industry. The new rod comes in a shorter length: 12 inches instead of the standard 14. The shorter length allows the welder to burn the rod without bending it to reach restrictive areas. Too often when a rod is bent, part of the rod is discarded, leading to unnecessary waste.

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Local S8 reaches out to community

Local S8 and the Big Ridge Co. donate $15,000 to the Share Your Blessings Program: l. to r., Rickie Phillips, Marzel Scates, Nicki Bishop, Katie Gulick, and Terry Ward of Big Ridge, and L-S8 Pres. Greg Fort and steward Tony Young.

Members participate in food drive, fund-raisers

MEMBERS OF LOCAL S8 (Equality, Ill.) spent their Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays helping others.

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