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Rep. Murphy ‘in tune’ with L-154

Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA. 18th), right, joins Keith Quinn, son of L-154 Sec.-Treas. Dan Quinn, in a Steve Miller number.

Congressman plays guitar for members on Labor Day

WHEN LOCAL 154 (Pittsburgh) members say U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy rocks, they really mean it. Not only does the Republican representative (18th District) support many of the lodge’s issues — he even lends his musical talent to entertain its members.

That was the case Sep. 1, when Murphy strapped himself to a guitar at the lodge’s Labor Day celebration and strummed away with the band, “Pita.”

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Local P4 members raise funds for hospital, president

MEMBERS OF LOCAL P4 (Youngstown, Ohio) have been busy raising funds for their community and local lodge president.

For ten years they have conducted golf outings to raise money for local hospitals. This year they raised $3,500 for the Akron Children’s Hospital, donating $3,500 to Dr. Mary Costello on Aug. 13. The hospital started a satellite operation in Youngstown, and by the end of this year will have a campus operation dedicated to pediatrics in Boardman, Ohio.

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L-726 strike ends, expenses remain

Lodge struggles with legal fees, other costs

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 726 (Owensboro, Ky.) began returning to work Sept. 30, ending their eight-week strike against Daramic, a manufacturer of battery separators. Union employees agreed to work under the old contract, which expired in April, for a period of 18 months. In the meantime, negotiations for a new contract will resume.

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Local 34 wins BNSF softball tournament

Representing Local 34 in a union softball tournament are, l. to r., Jeff Matzek, Rob Farwell, Darren Robinson, Ken Nelson, Anthony DaPrato, Roger Jackson, Dan Quinlan (coach), and Bryan Johnson. Not pictured are Justin McGilton and Laborer Daryl Johnson.

Member’s deployment delays series for two years

NINE MEMBERS OF Local 34 (Topeka, Kan.), along with one member of the Laborer’s union, earned boasting rights following a friendly softball tournament among the unions employed at the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway Topeka Shops in May.

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Hamilton’s son will play college baseball

B.J. HAMILTON, son of Railroad Services Division Dir. Danny Hamilton, will play baseball at Pikeville College in Pikeville, Ky., next spring. A standout pitcher, outfielder, and catcher while at Russell High School in Russell, Ky., Hamilton signed with the Division I, NAIA, Bears earlier this year.

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Retired L-69 officer races horses

Photo by Gene Wilson & Associates   Retired L-69 BM-ST Donnie Ray Jones, front row, second from left, and his wife, Jackie (in red jacket) celebrate Sum Boilermaker's first-place finish.

“Sum Boilermaker” wins in Oklahoma

RETIRED L-69 BM-ST Donnie Ray Jones is living his dream, breeding and racing horses. A Boilermaker since 1976, Jones served two terms as the lodge’s top officer before calling it quits last year.

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National funds office helps McCarthy family

The McCarthy family is grateful for all the help they received from the Boilermakers’ national funds office. L. to r., Lisa, Aliya, Jennifer, Sean, Darin, and Melissa.

Loan, health care assistance make tragedy easier to bear

DARIN MCCARTHY, 48, and his wife, Lisa, thought they were done raising kids. The business manager of Local 500 (Portland) has a grown, 27-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and a two-year-old granddaughter, Aliya.

But when his brother died in April and his sister-in-law in May, McCarthy took in his niece and nephew — and their 135-pound dog — to raise as his own.

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Fired welder wanted a union

Illegally fired for his organizing efforts, Brian Opland now works for a union contractor.

SIS Northwest breaks law to keep workers from organizing

BRIAN OPLAND LIKED his job at SIS Northwest, a custom steel fabricator 70 miles north of Seattle. He had friends there, the wages were good, and he enjoyed his work as a welder.

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L-S200 members receive Can Do Spirit Awards for organizing

David Woodard, Thersa Myrick, and Terry Burk (l. to r.) accept a Can Do Spirit Award for their organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Efforts to build membership in a right-to-work state are rewarded

AT THE JULY meeting of Local Lodge S200 (Wichita Falls, Texas), three members earned recognition for their in-plant organizing efforts at Magic Aire.

Terry Burk, Thersa Myrick, and David Woodard each received a Can Do Spirit Award. The awards, part of the Boilermakers’ in-plant organizing program, were created to recognize the efforts of members who try to get their nonunion co-workers to join the union at facilities where the Boilermakers already have collective bargaining rights with the company.

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L-85 registers voters

LOCAL 85 (Toledo, Ohio) recently joined other building trades in Lima, Ohio, in an effort to get people registered to vote. The event coincided with the opening of Sen. Barack Obama’s election headquarters in Lima. L-85 BM-ST Fred Keith Jr. said the unions helped sign up 300 voters. In the photo to the right, union members take time during registration efforts to chat with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (left).

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