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Local 146 helps frontline workers during COVID-19 crisis

Members of Local 146 collect masks to protect health care and essential retail workers in their province.

WHEN LOCAL 146 (serving Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta) BM-ST Hugh MacDonald opened a recent e-mail from member Meeka Faucher suggesting a “mask drive,” he jumped into action. Shortly after, the call went out for masks to donate to Alberta Health Services and workers at essential retail stores.

To the delight of both McDonald and Faucher, contractors and workers came through, and the local received dozens of N95, 3M and North masks for help during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. They’ve already delivered masks to a rural physician doing house calls who had no protective gear. They’ve also contacted the province’s nurses’ union—the United Nurses of Alberta—to inform them about the masks and to let them know they have a machine available to sanitize them.

Even while L-146 struggles with an estimated 85% drop in work during the COVID-19 virus, they remain community-minded and hope to help those in need in their area. The local has an open call for donations to help those who needs masks for protection in their daily work lives.

Anyone who wants to donate masks can drop them off at the hall or call the local for more information at 780-451-5992.