L-455 celebrates Labor Day in Alabama, Tennessee

Local 455 members raised $1,245 for LEF by selling tickets for a chance to win this hand-made quilt by Theresa Frost, wife of L-455 BM-ST Jack Frost. A raffle for another of her quilts the year before raised $1,900 for LEF.

Members participate in parade and political rallies; raise money for LEF

Members of Local 455, Sheffield, Ala., were busy the week of Labor Day. On Monday, Sept. 4, they participated in a parade in Tuscumbia, Ala. They rode motorcycles, ATVs, and both classic and new vehicles, tossing candy to children as they cruised down Main Street. The parade ended in Spring Park, where Local 455 and other area unions and local political organizations set up tents to provide information, ideas, and support for politicians and candidates.

“It was a very inspirational occasion, hearing each of the political candidates running for local, state, and federal office express their ideas and views covering issues affecting every American,” reported Local 455 BM-ST Jack Frost. “We at Local 455 are pleased each year to be a part of this demonstration expressing our position as a force to be acknowledged for politics in Shoals, Ala., and nationwide.”

Later that week, on Saturday, Sept. 9, Local 455 carried their message across the state line to Adams, Tenn., where they participated in a Democratic rally and Labor Day celebration at the Charles Hand Budweiser Farm. There they sponsored a booth and sold tickets to raise money for the Boilermakers’ Legislative Education Fund. The members sold chances for a home-made quilt donated by Theresa Frost, wife of L-455 BM-ST Jack Frost. In all they raised $1,245for LEF. The previous year, they raffled off another of Mrs. Frost’s quilts, raising $1,900 that year for LEF.

“The event gives those who are seeking office an opportunity to listen to the voice of organized labor and see how large and active the group is,” explained Local 455 trustee Mitch Brown. “It also gives union members a chance to speak with lawmakers about making decisions that affect all of us.”

The annual celebration is sponsored by area Democratic parties, the Tennessee State AFL-CIO, Boilermaker Local 455, and other local unions, including the IBEW, Laborers, Carpenters, Steelworkers, Iron Workers, Insulators, Sheetmetal Workers, and the UAW. Local 455 is one of the founding sponsors.

About 3,000 people attended the event. Speakers included Governor Phil Bredesen and politicians at every level of government who were seeking election or re-election, including Congressman Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN 9th). Brown said Ford“spoke about the importance of organized labor and how the union work force helped to develop this country.”