Conference recognizes top CAF, LEF donors

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Local 107’s Gerard “Mozzy” Maciejewski (center) was the top individual fundraiser for CAF. He is pictured with IVP J. Tom Baca and D-PA Bridget Martin.

Donations build Brotherhood’s political strength

LODGES, VICE PRESIDENTIAL sections, and individual members that excelled in raising money for CAF and LEF in 2011 received special recognition during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 23-26.

CAF stands for Campaign Assistance Fund. As the Boilermakers’ political action fund, CAF money goes to support worker-friendly candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

By law, no money from a local lodge treasury or member dues can be used for CAF purposes. Money must be voluntarily donated or come from fundraising activities to be eligible. Only active and retired members, and their immediate families, can contribute to the fund.

LEF is used exclusively for election-related purposes and legislative activities. The fund helps influence elections and appointments to state and/or local office, and to offices in political organizations. It is not used for direct contributions to federal candidates.

Nearly everything the DGA does is funded through LEF. Without this fund, lodges would get virtually no political or legislative support. Virtually all state and local political expenditures are funded through LEF. In addition, LEF keeps lodges free of federal, state, and local reporting requirements, placing that burden on the International instead.

Boilermaker lodges benefit from this fund and are required to contribute to LEF pursuant to a 2006 resolution passed at the Boilermakers’ 31st Consolidated Convention.

Northeast Section and L-154 are top CAF donors

THE LEAP CONFERENCE recognized the Northeast Section (IVP D. David Haggerty) for the highest CAF contribution by a section in 2011 — $154,962. Local 154 (Pittsburgh) received the award for largest contribution by a local lodge, with a donation of $92,304.

Local 193, (Baltimore), achieved the highest contribution per member at $83.82 ($24,056 total CAF contribution).

Local 40 (Elizabethtown, Ky.) won the award for most improved lodge, raising their CAF contributions by 246 percent, from $2,700 in 2010 to $9,351 in 2011.

Retirees contributed a total of $108,728 to CAF in 2011, including $103,668 from the Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust and $5,060 from the Officers & Employees Pension Plan.

International staff and officers contributed another $47,130.

Conference-related contributions and fund-raising activities accounted for $11,418. An additional $16,073 was raised for CAF during the 2011 Consolidated Convention.

Top individual fundraisers for CAF included Local 107’s Gerard “Mozzy” Maciejewski at $6,762.

In all, Boilermakers donated $586,996 to CAF in 2011, with just 46 percent of locals participating. Nearly all of the locals forwarding large contributions have included a CAF payroll deduction in their contracts. Payroll deductions are the easiest way to raise money. Most people hardly notice a payroll deduction of $2 a week. Yet donating a couple of dollars a week to CAF can raise more than $100 over a year’s time.

To learn how to begin contributing to CAF and how to include a voluntary CAF payroll check-off clause in a contract, call the Government Affairs Department at 202-756-2868 or view pages 39-44 of the current LEAP manual.

Great Lakes Section and Local 83 take first in LEF

THE AWARD FOR the highest LEF contribution for a section in 2011 went to the Great Lakes (IVP Larry McManamon), which raised $62,492. Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) won the award for the highest contribution by a local, with $26,834.

The award for most improved local went to Local 13, raising its donation 664 percent, from $2,268 in 2010 to $17,322 in 2011.

LEF contributions in 2011 totaled $210,892, with 93 percent of locals participating. In addition, the Construction Division contributed $27,500; the Railroad Division gave $1,650; and District 57 donated $10,000.

LEF donations made during the 2012 conference totaled $35,000.

“Individual and group contributions make our political and legislative efforts possible,” said Political Director Bridget Martin. “For some geographic areas, securing donations can be especially challenging, due to long-standing antiunion political climates. District 57, with its impressive $10,000 donations to LEF in 2011 and 2012, is one example of what can be done, even in historically right-leaning, right-to-work states. We salute them and all Boilermakers who work so hard throughout the year to make our union a political force well beyond what our membership numbers might suggest.”

L-83 KANSAS CITY , MO. $26,834
L-549 PITTSBURG, CALIF. $6,558
L-60 PEORIA, ILL. $6,196
L-154 PITTSBURGH $5,915
L-693 PASCAGOULA, MISS. $3,870
L-104 SEATTLE $3,720
L-906 DONORA, PA. $3,300
L- 374 HAMMOND, IND. $3,294

* District 57 includes local lodges 263, 453, 454, 455, and 687.

L-154 PITTSBURGH $92,304
L-92 LOS ANGELES $30,991
L-193 BALTIMORE $24,056
L-105 PIKETON, OHIO $23,977
L-85 TOLEDO, OHIO $19,081
L-744 CLEVELAND $17,658
L- 374 HAMMOND, IND. $16,124
L-1 CHICAGO $15,795
L-5 NEW YORK $15,426
L- 11 HELENA, MONT. $13,434

Editor’s Note: In most cases, donations to CAF and LEF appearing in this article have been rounded to the nearest dollar.