Construction lodges meet in Toronto

Canadian construction leaders meet January 24-25 in Toronto.

BOILERMAKER LEADERS IN the Canadian construction industry met Jan. 24-25 in Toronto to address various project and manpower issues. International Vice Presidents Joe Maloney and Ed Power led discussions about filling job orders with qualified Boilermakers, recruitment initiatives, and the status of the national online dispatch system. General (ret.) Rick Hillier also addressed the group, explaining how organizational and leadership lessons from the military relate to the construction industry.

In the photo, IVP Maloney, Gen. Hillier, and IVP Power are seated together beginning third from left. Also attending were, from L-73, Kevin Chaisson, Derrick Carey, Danny Dezainde, and Eugene Leblanc; from L-271, Michel Trépanier and Richard Duchene; from L-128, Jim Watson, Kyle Groulx, Dalas Santavy, Blair Allin, and Mike Janson; from L-146, Arnie Stadnick, j’Amey Holroyd, John Gras, Dave Ralph, and Len Jacobs; from Local 359, Phil Halley, Jon Forster, Al Dingwall, and Al Bennett; from L-555, Emile Gareau and Darrell Paton; from the Boilermakers’ Canadian National Training, Grant Jacobs and Jonathan White; from the International, Kyle Evenson, Cory Channon, Jim Tinney, Kent Oliver, Richard MacIntosh, Guy Villemure, and Rob Lauzon. Also attending were Jason McIness, Canadian National Director for Safety & Health, and Jim Beauchamp, Canadian Recruitment Coordinator.