Canadian members strengthen supervisory skills

L-146 Calgary, AB, Oct. 25-26, 2011
L. to r., front row, Russ Taylor, Grant Jacobs (Director of National Training), Stacy Rouse, David Wood, Mike Beliveau, Jonathan White (Assistant National Training Coordinator); back row, Robert J Hunt, Rob Montgomery, Patrick Manning, Terry McGillis, Dale Andrews, Greg Gagne.

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Leadership course attended by 124 since Oct. 2011

AS THE WORK picture in Canada continues to grow, the need for qualified supervisors is expanding proportionally, says Grant Jacobs, Canadian Director of National Training. Over the past several years, National Training has been working with local lodge training coordinators to offer field supervisor leadership training across the country. Since Oct. 2011, 124 members have attended.

The two-day course is designed to promote leadership best practices through case studies, group discussion, and hands-on practical exercises. Discussions on communication and effective instruction techniques provide an opportunity for seasoned supervisors and those moving into supervisory roles to assess their own attitudes and behaviour on the job and, more importantly, how their conduct and professionalism directly influence the attitudes and behaviours of their crew members.

Jacobs said members who have completed the course show a greater appreciation of the administrative accountability required of supervisors.