Boilermakers expand project management skills

MOST Project management training, Jan. 15-20, Kansas City, Mo.

Twenty attend MOST training session

MEMBERS FROM A dozen local lodges met in Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 15-20 to expand their skills under the MOST Project Management Training Program. MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training) is a pioneering labor-management trust fund designed to address issues in the construction industry through innovative programs and collaboration.

The Project Management Training Program was developed jointly by MOST, the Boilermakers union, and the National Tripartite Committee. Its goal is to teach Boilermakers how to manage projects in a business-like manner, make decisions that positively impact project goals, and provide an overall benefit to the owner, contactor, and union. This is the 12th such course to be presented since it was established in 2004.

Construction Division Director Skipper Branscum, Pittsburgh Local 154 retiree Gerry Klimo, and Madison Industrial’s Mark Schneider taught the course.

MOST Safety Representative Bridget Connors said the course “is very beneficial for Boilermakers wanting to go to the next level.”

Attendees pictured include, l. to r., front row: James Taylor, L-242 (Spokane, Wash.); Jimmy Manion, L-27 (St. Louis); Travis Colvin, L-83 (Kansas City, Mo.); Eugene Gill, L-27; Jordin Birst, L-647 (Minneapolis); Bridget Connors; and Skipper Branscum.

Second row: Nick Tokarz, L-374 (Hammond, Ind.); Brian Gattis, L-263 (Memphis, Tenn.); Shannon Kellogg, L-83; Jimmy Hall, L-154; Mike Angstadt, L-13 (Philadelphia); Robert Shackleton, L-374; Neal Davis, L-242; Scott Burke, L-29 (Boston); Adam Huntsman, L-744 (Cleveland); and Brian Dowden, L-374.

Back row: Gerry Klimo; Brian Loftus, MOST Safety Representative; Jason Meadors, L-27; James Riggleman, L-45 (Richmond, Va.); Michael McPherson, L-154; Arlin Thody, L-83; Ronald Baker, L-502 (Tacoma, Wash.); and Mark Schneider.