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Local Lodge 60

Peoria, Illinois

Phone: (309) 266-7144

Conference recognizes top CAF, LEF donors

Local 107’s Gerard “Mozzy” Maciejewski (center) was the top individual fundraiser for CAF. He is pictured with IVP J. Tom Baca and D-PA Bridget Martin.

Donations build Brotherhood’s political strength

LODGES, VICE PRESIDENTIAL sections, and individual members that excelled in raising money for CAF and LEF in 2011 received special recognition during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 23-26.

CAF stands for Campaign Assistance Fund. As the Boilermakers’ political action fund, CAF money goes to support worker-friendly candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

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International announces 2011 scholarship winners

37 Boilermaker dependents earn awards totaling $50,000

THE BOILERMAKERS’ International Executive Council scholarship committee announced the winners of its 2011 scholarship program this past April. The committee awarded $50,000 to 37 scholarship recipients, with $36,000 being allocated to U.S. applicants and $14,000 to applicants from Canada.

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Conference honors Boilermakers for CAF, LEF support

Donations build Brotherhood’s political strength

LODGES, VICE PRESIDENTIAL sections, and individual members that excelled in raising money for CAF and LEF in 2010 received special recognition during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., March 21.

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L-60’s Salter earns first place for restored bike

David Salter

DAVID SALTER, a 20-year union member out of Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.), earned first place in the motorcycle trike category at the Sept. 11 Peoria Riverfront benefit car and bike show at Hooter’s. He and his son restored and built the 1959 Harley Davidson servi-car custom motorcycle.

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Boilermakers attend new train-the-trainer course

Participating in an OSHA signal training class are, l. to r., L-60 apprentice coordinator Darren Lindee, IUOE trainer Glenn Minyard, L-107 apprentice coordinator Rick Wilson, L-1 apprentice instructors Duane Shue and Bob Stewart, and IUOE training coordinator Martin Turek.

Class meets new OSHA requirements for crane signaling

APPRENTICE COORDINATORS and instructors from three Boilermaker lodges attended a Sept. 29 train-the-trainer course on qualification requirements for signal persons in OSHA’s new Subpart CC – cranes and derricks in construction.

Apprentice coordinators Darren Lindee of Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.) and Rick Wilson of Local 107 (Milwaukee), along with apprentice instructors Duane Shue and Bob Stewart of Local 1 (Chicago), attended the class offered by the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).

Locals  L-1, L-60, L-107

2010 Regional Apprentice Competitions

Northeast Area contestants include, front row, l. to r.: Daniel Gilmore L-154; Christopher O’Neill, L-237; Brian Scolamiero, L-29; (runner-up) Michael Bogue, L-7; Gary Smith, L-28; (winner) Jeffrey Nasta, L-5 Zone 5; Joseph Phillips, L-13; Russell Young L-5 Zone 197; and Ryan Taylor L-5 Zone 175.

Northeast & Great Lakes

THE NORTHEAST AND Great Lakes areas held their 24th annual joint graduate apprentice competitions May 17-20 at Local 5 Zone 197 (Albany, N.Y.). The top two finishers in each contest will represent their areas in the national contest in Buffalo, N.Y., Sept. 27-30.

JEFFREY NASTA of Local 5 Zone 5 (New York) and Michael Bogue of Local 7 (Buffalo, N.Y.) placed first and second, respectively, in the Northeast Area Apprentice Committee’s (NEAAC) John J. Harrington Apprentice of the Year competition.

Union Plus mortgage assistance helps out a brother in need

L-60’s Billy Stroud stands in the home he was able to keep thanks to the Union P

BILLY STROUD, a member of Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.), joined the IBB in 2002, after working 37 years as an Ironworker. A 26-year homeowner, Stroud had been through recessions and dealt with workplace injuries and had always come out on top, paying his bills each month and saving money his whole life. But going nearly two years without work was almost too much for him.

Locals  L-60

Local 60 sponsors training to keep competitive edge

Completing a series of rigging classes are L-60 members, l. to r.: Ruben Garza, Rich Rentsch, instructor Darren Lindee, Doug Eiben, Bruce Steffan, Ira Greenwalt, Josh Black, David Strickler, Ed Whitby, Gary Morrison, John Ward, Joe Grennan, Justis Howlett, Tracy Roots, Kurk Jonaway, David Bend, Clarence Fargher, Brian Dodge, Scott Gould, Chris McFarland, Carl Beattie, and Billy Stroud.

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 60 (Peoria, Ill.) have completed four supplemental rigging classes administered by MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training), a joint labor trust fund established in June 1989 by the Boilermakers union and the National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers.

Locals  L-60

Local 60 apprentices graduate

THE OFFICERS AND members of Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.) offer their congratulations to the March graduate apprentices. L. to r., Nicholas Bernath, Richard Billings, Henry McGlothlin, Casey Servis, Michael Wallarab, Marc Huddleston, Tommy Hall, Josh Ackerman, James Cook, Matthew Rauh, Nathan Baima, Darren Wade, Matthew Forristall, Jorgina Breeding-Fulton, Ben Doty, Tamera Heser, James Haas, and Lynwood Dillman.

Locals  L-60

L-60 inspector is an angler, too

L-60 Inspector Joe Eppy places 16th in his first professional fishing tournament

JOSEPH EPPY, inspector for Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.), has not quit his day job, but he has taken on what most fishing hobbyists would consider a dream profession. On Aug. 20, he participated in his first professional fishing tournament at the Central Division FLW Stren Series Tournament held in Fort Madison, Iowa. He received a check for placing 16th out of 100 pro anglers. A 2004 graduate apprentice, Eppy joined the Boilermakers union 12 years ago.

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