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Trainer classes begin for LMS


Great Lakes Area apprentice coordinators and instructors receive trainer instruction on the new LMS and Related Studies Lessons.

APPRENTICE COORDINATORS and instructors from the Great Lakes Area received training Sept. 12-14 on the new On-Line Interactive Learning Management System (LMS) and the updated Related Studies Lessons. The Boilermaker National Apprenticeship Program (BNAP) is developing the system in conjunction with Kelly Press to upgrade and standardize apprentice instruction.

BNAP National Coordinator Marty Spencer said, “These instructors and coordinators will be the go-to people in their respective local lodges. They will be responsible for implementation and record-keeping. The training will allow the instructors to oversee both the instructor-guided and the student-initiated versions of the classroom curriculum.”

Spencer noted that instructors must participate in the classes in order to be recognized as qualified trainers. The new system also requires that all students participate in on-line testing for classroom and related study lessons, which will be followed by in-person performance-based testing. He said the in-person training will maintain the integrity and quality assurance of the process and will allow for a more efficient tracking of the apprentices’ progress.

Participants in the first phase of the trainer classes (in the photo above) are, left to right, row 1, Darin Lindee (L-60), Jim Callouette (L-169), Mark Lester (L-27), Beth Cook (L-85), Wanda Conroy (GLABAP), Paul McGrew (L-85), Eric Olsen (SAJAC Coordinator); row 2, John Standish (BNAP), Dave Vallacqua (BNAP), Mark Branscum (BNAP), Scott Touchette (L-27), Sean Burke (L-374), Mark Wertz (L-169), Waylon Hedegaard (L-647), Ken Rogers (Kelly Press), Jaramie Hillard (L-85), Terry Collins (BNAP); row 3, Jason Dupuis (NEAAC Co-Coordinator), Larry McManamon, Jr. (GLABAP Co-Coordinator), Stephen Murphy (NEAAC Co-Coordinator), Kerry Kowalski (L-647), Rick Wilson (L-107), Tim Metcalfe (L-1), Brian Cutsinger (L-363), Kevin Stewart (L-363), Collin Keisling (WSJAC Coordinator), Justin Gustafson (L-1), Steve Hurm (L-374), and Mark Gustafson (GLABAP Co-Coordinator).

Trainer sessions for the Southeast, Northeast, and Western States will be held at area trainer classes in January and February, 2013.

Locals  L-1, L-27, L-60, L-85, L-107, L-169, L-363, L-374, L-647
Reporter  V51N4
Published on the Web: December 27, 2012

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