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Local Lodge 13

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Phone: (215) 785-5536

Giving is in Heron’s blood

Jimmy Heron flashes a thumbs-up at the union hall.

L-13 retiree donates 210th pint

JIMMY HERON KNOWS something about the gift of life. The 65-year-old Local 13 (Philadelphia) retiree has donated just over 26 gallons of blood — 210 pints to be exact — over the last five decades. Imagine a 55-gallon barrel filled almost to the half-way mark, and you get a sense of just how much blood that is.

Heron says he has donated blood faithfully since the 1960s as a way to remember a friend from his youth who died in a drag racing accident.

“Doctors said he bled out,” Heron recalls.

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Conference recognizes top CAF, LEF donors

Local 107’s Gerard “Mozzy” Maciejewski (center) was the top individual fundraiser for CAF. He is pictured with IVP J. Tom Baca and D-PA Bridget Martin.

Donations build Brotherhood’s political strength

LODGES, VICE PRESIDENTIAL sections, and individual members that excelled in raising money for CAF and LEF in 2011 received special recognition during the LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 23-26.

CAF stands for Campaign Assistance Fund. As the Boilermakers’ political action fund, CAF money goes to support worker-friendly candidates for the U.S. House and Senate.

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Custom plates help L-13 scholarship drive

Members of L-13 proudly display the new custom license plate available to Boilermakers and their family members residing in Pennsylvania. Left to right, John Clark, BM-ST; Mike Impagliazzo, president; Tom Green, scholarship fund chairman; and John Bland, scholarship fund trustee and business agent. Also serving as scholarship fund trustees (not pictured) are Dan Drumm, Scott Werkheiser, and Steve Raleigh.

Lodge fundraiser promotes union

BOILERMAKERS LIVING IN Pennsylvania can now purchase custom license plates that promote the Boilermakers union and the Local 13 (Philadelphia) scholarship fund. The lodge recently began receiving orders for the plates, which feature the Boilermaker seal, a unique five-digit number with BM (for Boilermakers), and the words “Intl Brotherhood of Boilermakers.”

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L-13 hopeful as refineries get new life

L-13 BM-ST John Clark, front row at left (dark jacket), stands with other lodge members at a press conference held at a U.S. Senate building. Boilermakers joined with Steelworkers, Steam Fitters, and legislators in making a case to keep refineries open in the Philadelphia area. Photo by Rick Reinhard.

Union activism helps keep closures in public eye

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 13 (Philadelphia) are hopeful about the future of several oil refineries that had been slated for closure last year. Sunoco’s Marcus Hook and Philadelphia refineries and Conoco’s Trainer facility — all reliable sources of maintenance work for generations of Boilermakers — recently faced permanent shutdowns due to unfavorable market conditions and millions of dollars in reported operating losses.

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Canadian jobs initiative targets U.S. Boilermakers

Jim Beauchamp, center, conducts a Canadian work seminar at Local 13 (Philadelphia). Members of Local 28 (Newark, N.J.) and Local 193 (Baltimore) also attended.

Effort matches manpower needs with lagging U.S. work

THE GROWING NEED for skilled manpower in Canada—particularly in the Alberta oil sands region—along with lagging work in some areas of the United States, has spawned a new Boilermaker recruitment program to address the situation.

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Boilermakers expand project management skills

MOST Project management training, Jan. 15-20, Kansas City, Mo.

Twenty attend MOST training session

MEMBERS FROM A dozen local lodges met in Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 15-20 to expand their skills under the MOST Project Management Training Program. MOST (Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training) is a pioneering labor-management trust fund designed to address issues in the construction industry through innovative programs and collaboration.

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DeSeta receives medals for service in Vietnam

BG (RET.) TERRY WILEY pins a Bronze Star on retired L-13 member Lou DeSeta

Army cites L-13 retiree four decades after combat tour

AFTER 43 YEARS without formal recognition for his service with a covert military unit in Vietnam, Louis “Lou” DeSeta finally has his medals. The 66-year-old Local 13 (Philadelphia) retiree received two Bronze Stars and an Army Commendation Medal during ceremonies at VFW Post 3420 in Newark, Delaware, on Oct. 29. Brigadier General (ret.) Terry Wiley presented the medals in the presence of DeSeta’s union brothers, fellow veterans, and family members.

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Locals award service pins

Local 1 — Chicago

John Skermont , BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

40 YEARS - Edward A. Anderson, Mark J. Gustafson, Ronald R. Kowalski Sr., and
35 YEARS - William Feeney, William Frankenbach, Eugene M. Forkin, III, Raymond Garcia, Michael A. Gonzalez, William Harris Jr., Patrick Nolan, Michael Ryan, Eddie Sanks, Abdul-Aleem Sharif, and Robert Stewart.

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