How to apply for a 2009 Boilermaker Scholarship

BOILERMAKER SCHOLARSHIPS are open to high school seniors who will be entering their first year of a two- or four-year academic program at a degree-granting, accredited college or university within one year of their high school graduation and who are dependents of Boilermaker members in good standing.

A dependent may be a son, daughter, legally-adopted child, or other dependent of an active, retired, disabled, or deceased member.

Winners are chosen based on a variety of criteria that include grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and a written essay on an assigned topic.

Applications for the 2009 awards will be available from your local lodge at the end of this year and will be accepted from January 1 to March 1, 2009. Applications postmarked after the March 1, 2009 deadline cannot be considered.

Contact your local lodge to get an application. The International will not mail applications to individuals.

Some local lodges have their own scholarship programs. Scholarships are also available through the Union Plus credit card program and some state and regional labor councils.

How to apply for a L-13, L-83, L-105, L-146, or CFL scholarship

DEPENDENTS OF LOCAL 13 and Local 83 members who meet the eligibility requirements of the International Executive Council (IEC) Scholarship Program (listed at left) may also apply separately to Local 13 or Local 83 for their awards program.

Dependents of Local 105 and Local 146 members, who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship, are also considered applicants to their respective local lodge award programs.

Dependents of Canadian members who are eligible and apply for the Boilermakers IEC Scholarship are also considered applicants to the CFL scholarship program.