Local 112 honors United Way liaison

Local 112 presents an award to United Way liaison Pat Rabbeitt. L. to r., J.M Crane, H.M. Turner, Dennis King, W.E. McDaniel, Mrs. Rabbeitt, John Nolen, C.T. Brooks, Don J. Staples, H.E. Turner, and H.E. Turner Jr.

Members thank Pat Rabbeitt for her efforts following Hurricane Katrina

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 112 (Mobile, Ala.) presented an award to United Way liaison Pat Rabbeitt at their August meeting for her tireless and unwavering support following Hurricane Katrina.

“Pat is a member of the Communication Workers of America and is the AFL-CIO community services liaison for the United Way of Southwest Alabama,” reported Curtis Brooks, BM-ST for Local 112. “Mrs. Rabbeitt served with the Boilermakers and was instrumental in providing Local 112 with the sources for distribution of supplies in order to meet the needs of the people who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”

One of the costliest and deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history, Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Following the storm, the Boilermakers union secured work permits with Northrop-Grumman so they could deliver supplies into areas still under National Guard control. Mrs. Rabbiett told them the United Way had supplies ready to deliver; however, the organization faced waiting periods of three to five days to enter disaster-stricken areas. Local 112 volunteers worked 10- and 12-hour days to load and drive trucks with Boilermaker supplies as well as supplies from United Way and other groups. In all, the members drove more than 35,000 miles and delivered over 225 tons of purchased and donated products — everything from baby food to mattresses.