Boilermakers sell T-shirts to raise funds

Car accident victim Jordon Dycke (c.) and his fiancé, Shanon, receive a check from L-359 fund-raiser Colin Anderson.

Money helps two car accident victims, both L-359 members

WHEN SEPARATE CAR accidents left two Local 359 apprentices with life-changing injuries, their brother Boilermakers stepped forward to help, raising over $6,000 through T-shirt and hooded sweatshirt sales.

Colin Anderson and Dave Braithwaite, both members of Local 359 (Vancouver, British Columbia), came up with the fund-raising idea after visiting one of the accident victims (Stu Wymer) in the hospital.

“When I saw what a great attitude this guy has, I made the decision to sell the T-shirts to help Jordon (Dycke) and Stu out,” Anderson explained.

He and Braithwaite started to call other members to tell them about their idea, and immediately learned that Boilermakers will support Boilermakers. The interest eventually ran to three separate print runs for the apparel that boasts a design Anderson and Braithwaite created: a large cross with the words “West Coast Boilermakers” and “Lodge 359” printed across the back; and “Boilerhogs Lodge 359” printed in front, across the heart of the shirt.

As word got out about the fund raiser, some members began to take orders at their job site for the shirts. Greg Piece sold shirts at the Trail smelter job, Rob Murray took orders at the Burrard Thermal Plant, and Wayne Letcher made sales at the Chevron job. Shaun Rohatyn also raised funds, donating proceeds from three separate card draws. Members of Vancouver Local D385 also participated in the sales, with Gregg Dunning and Chris Edmonds selling shirts at their Richmond Lafarge plant.

At the December 2007 union meeting, Anderson presented a $3,250 check to Stu Wymer.

“I had no idea this fund raising was taking place,” Wymer said. “I am just overwhelmed. It was around the house as I was growing up about ‘the union is there to back each other up,’ and this just proves it.”

The next day, Anderson traveled to Duncan, British Columbia, to present another check to Jordon and his fiancé, Shanon, who plan to use the money for their wedding this summer.

Dycke deeply appreciates the fund-raising efforts. “Over the past six years I have learned so much and have had the time of my life. I will never forget all the good times; it is something I will keep for a lifetime,” he said.

Local 359 Bus. Mgr. Carl Ellsworth said, “This administration thinks it is fantastic how the Boilermakers will rally around one of their own in a time of need.”

Intl. Vice Pres. Joe Maloney is also proud of the Local 359 members who rallied together to assist these two young apprentices. “They are facing many challenges ahead,” Maloney said, “but with the support and sprite of Local 359, I am confident of their future.”

Anderson and Braithwaite are still taking orders for the T-shirts and “hoodies.“ They can be contacted at