L-199 dedicates new rigging facility

SAJAC Director Mike Peterson kneels in front of the rigging structure named in his honor by members of Local 199 (Jacksonville, Fla.).

Structure named in honor of SAJAC’s Mike Peterson

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 199 (Jacksonville, Fla.) dedicated their new rigging training structure to Michael Peterson Aug. 29. Peterson, a graduate apprentice and member of Local 199, serves as an Assistant to the International President and Director of SAJAC — the Boilermakers’ Southeast Area Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

The new rigging structure was completed just two days before Local 199 hosted its first fourth-year apprenticeship class. By a unanimous vote at the local lodge’s July membership meeting, the structure was named the Michael C. Peterson Training Center in recognition of Peterson’s support and cooperation of the lodge’s development of its training program.

In the accompanying photo, Peterson kneels in front of the apprentice-made sign for the rigging facility. Also pictured are fourth-year instructors Lee Kemp, David McKendree, Eric Olson, and Joe Rush, along with apprentices from Locals 26 (Savannah, Ga.), 199, 433 (Tampa), and 687 (Charleston Heights, S.C.). Not pictured are instructors Clyde Brown and Doug Walker.