MOST holds project management training

Project management training, Jan. 18-23, Embassy Suites Hotel, Kansas City, Mo.

MEMBERS FROM 17 Boilermaker lodges traveled to Kansas City, Mo., to attend a project management training class sponsored by MOST, the Boilermakers’ Mobilization, Optimization, Stabilization, and Training Fund. Held at the Embassy Suites Hotel near the Kansas City International Airport Jan. 18-23, the class was established by MOST, the Boilermakers International union, and the National Tripartite Committee to teach Boilermakers how to manage projects in a business-like manner, make decisions that positively impact stated project goals, and provide an overall benefit to the owner, contractor, and union. Pittsburgh Local 154 retiree Gerry Klimo and Chuck Connor of Nooter Construction instructed the class.

Attendees pictured include, l. to r., front row: James McPherson, L-502; Rick Cartmell, L-29; Eric Davis, L-1; Kevin Pellersels, L-647; James Sigovich, L-13; Sylvan Marks, L-29; David Grundvig, L-502; Michael Stechmesser, L-363; and instructor Chuck Connor.

Second row: Jerry Maxey, L-45; Grant Jacobs, Canadian National Director of Training and Apprenticeship; Randell Bailey, L-433; Rick Owens, L-502; Richard Avery, L-85; Robert Davis, L-27; Calvin Jones, L-502; Lyndal Turner, L-83; James Crump, L-40; Geoff Schneider, L-242; and Roger Erickson, MOST.

Back row: Gerry Klimo, instructor; Bridget Connors, MOST; Dale “Skipper” Branscum, Director of Construction Division Services; James Galloway, L-28; Bobby McGahey, L-455; Paul Shilot, L-154; Curt Lovelace, L-112; Randy Krug, L-154; Stephen Dymeck, L-13; and Robert Goheen, L-13.