2010 Regional Apprentice Competitions

Northeast Area contestants include, front row, l. to r.: Daniel Gilmore L-154; Christopher O’Neill, L-237; Brian Scolamiero, L-29; (runner-up) Michael Bogue, L-7; Gary Smith, L-28; (winner) Jeffrey Nasta, L-5 Zone 5; Joseph Phillips, L-13; Russell Young L-5 Zone 197; and Ryan Taylor L-5 Zone 175.

Northeast & Great Lakes

THE NORTHEAST AND Great Lakes areas held their 24th annual joint graduate apprentice competitions May 17-20 at Local 5 Zone 197 (Albany, N.Y.). The top two finishers in each contest will represent their areas in the national contest in Buffalo, N.Y., Sept. 27-30.

JEFFREY NASTA of Local 5 Zone 5 (New York) and Michael Bogue of Local 7 (Buffalo, N.Y.) placed first and second, respectively, in the Northeast Area Apprentice Committee’s (NEAAC) John J. Harrington Apprentice of the Year competition.

Also competing were Ryan Taylor, Local 5 Zone 175 (Oswego, N.Y.); Russell Young, Local 5 Zone 197; Joseph Phillips, Local 13 (Philadelphia); Gary Smith, Local 28 (Newark, N.J.); Brian Scolamiero, Local 29 (Boston); Daniel Gilmore, Local 154 (Pitts¬burgh); and Christopher O’Neill, Local 237 (Hartford, Conn.). The contestants were later honored at their area’s semi-annual meeting July 14 in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Union judges for the NEAAC contest were Jerry Couser, retired L-197 BM; Jack Doherty, L-28 apprentice coordinator; Ernie Dorsey, retired L-193 BM-ST (Baltimore); David Dupuis, retired NEAAC coordinator; Mark Felschow, L-7 welding instructor; Nick Gushue, L-13 welding instructor; Bob Heine, IR-ISO; James Horkay, L-154 retiree; Phil Hornberger, retired L-197 instructor; Jack Johndrow, L-29 ABM; Jack O’Halloran, L-28 instructor; and L-154 welding instructors Ray Orsi Jr., Bob Pandori (retired), and Michael Stanton.

Contractor judges included John Cammuso, Babcock Power Inc.; Ben Straub and Matthew Schmitt, Simakas Brothers Co.; and Larry Ross (retired), NAES Power Contractors.

Jason Dupuis, NEACC co-coordinator, said 2010 marked the first time in the contest history for the Northeast and Great Lakes areas to have a combined total of 18 contestants. “It was a large, yet strong group, and the highest-scoring candidates were separated by just a few points,” he said. “We hope our winner and runner-up perform flawlessly as they represent our area at the national competition.”

Sancho and Frost win Great Lakes

KEVIN SANCHO of Local 169 (Detroit) and Orry Frost of Local 647 (Minneapolis) placed first and second, respectively, in the Great Lakes Area Boilermaker Apprentice Program (GLABAP) competition.

Also competing were Luke Henrikson, Local 1 (Chicago); Ben Doty, Local 60 (Peoria, Ill.); Tim Barker, Local 85 (Toledo, Ohio); John Lemerand, Local 107 (Milwaukee, Wis.); Eric Wells, Local 363 (East St. Louis, Ill.); Donald Throckmartin, Local 374 (Hammond, Ind.); and Larry Bean II, Local 744 (Cleveland).

Union judges included Local 1 business agent Bob Schwartz and Local 169 business agent Mike Card. Contractor judges included Tony Parasiliti of RMF Nooter, and Don Placko of Hayes Mechanical. According to co-coordinators Lawrence McManamon Jr. and Mark Gustafson, the 2010 GLABAP competition matched last year’s record-setting number of contestants, with nine lodges sending candidates. Combined with the Northeast Area, it was their largest competition yet.

To honor the outstanding apprentices, the GLABAP held its 16th annual Robert J. McDonough, John T. Mooney, and John H. Nooter Awards Banquet on the Odyssey cruise ship, located on Chicago’s Navy pier, June 9.

Western States

Nordstrom and Phillips win Western States

ERIC NORDSTROM of Local 502 (Tacoma, Wash.) won the James F. Precht Award as the top apprentice in the 23rd annual Western States Area Outstanding Graduate Apprentice Competition held May 16-20 at Local 502. Denver Local 101’s Dylan Phillips placed second. Both will represent the Western States at the national contest in Buffalo, N.Y., Sept. 27-30.

Eight construction lodges participated in this year’s event. Other graduate apprentices competing included Hardy Kinsel, Local 4 (Page, Ariz.); Richard Whidden, Local 11 (Helena, Mont.); Lawrence Calderon, Local 92 (Los Angeles); David McCurdy, Local 242 (Spokane, Wash.); Wade Cudmore, Local 500 (Salem, Ore.); and Craig Lane, Local 627 (Phoenix).

Local 627’s Nelvin Dickson is this year’s winner of the Greg Streblow Scholastic Award. Local Lodge 101 received the Don Lacefield Local of the Year Award.

The competition was organized by the Western States Apprenticeship staff with assistance from L-502 staff members.

Union judges included L-502 retirees Steve Ludwig, Wayne Shutt, and Ralph Weaver. Contractor judges included Ted Unsworth from AP&F, Pat Bergham from CBI, and Robert Pike from PSF.

Western States Coordinator Collin Keisling said the judges “contributed greatly by lending their time, knowledge, and expertise to the test scoring.” He commended L-502 BM Randy Robbins, instructors Dale Mason and Joe Plattner, and their office staff for their help throughout the competition.


Jordan and Russell win Southeast

BILLY C. JORDAN, a Local 40 (Elizabethtown, Ky.) member, has won the Paul D. Wedge Memorial Award for the Outstanding Graduate Apprentice of the Southeast Area.

Jordan took the top honor at the South¬east Area Joint Apprentice Commit¬tee’s (SAJAC) event held July 19-22 at Local 40’s training center. Jonathan D. Russell of Local 199 (Jacksonville, Fla.) was runner-up. Winning the 42nd annual competition entitles Jordan and Russell to compete both individually and as a team in the national contest Sept. 27-30 at Local 7’s training facilities near Buffalo, N.Y.

Other graduate apprentices com¬peting were Matt D. Crews, Local 26 (Savannah, Ga.); Kevin A. Battle, Local 45 (Richmond, Va.); Joe W. Navarro, Local 83 (Kansas City, Mo.); Michael J. Holland, Local 105 (Chillicothe, Ohio); Destry A. Pounds, Local 108 (Birmingham, Ala.); Christian J. Davis, Local 263 (Memphis, Tenn.); Larry A. Phillips, Local 455 (Sheffield, Ala.); Joshua N. Larsen, Local 667 (Charles¬ton, W.Va.); and Scott H. Waltz, Local 687 (Charleston Heights, S.C.).

Union judges included AIP Steve Speed, Intl. Rep Shon Almond, and retired Intl. Reps Barry Edwards, Bill Elrod, and Cam Juncal. Contractor judges included Rick Duke of APCom Power, Chuck Harvey of B&W Const., Kelly Lykins and Scott Szeghi of Enerfab, and Randal James of M&D Const. SAJAC Coordinator Mike McCluskey served as testing coordina¬tor, and Local 40 Vice Pres. Calvin Minton operated the tugger for the candidates.

SAJAC Director Michael Peterson expressed his pride in the performance of Southeast Area apprentices. “Contestants from SAJAC have won national honors three out of the last four years,” he said.

This was the second time the annual event has been held at Local 40 facilities. The lodge also hosted a barbeque dinner for the contestants, judges, trustees, other attendees, and their families with a Bluegrass band playing during the festivities.

“SAJAC wishes to thank the members, officers, and staff of Local 40 for the invitation and gracious hospitality they showed everyone,” said Peterson. “This would not have been the success that it was without the hard work and dedication of Business Manager Ray Parrott, Mike Autrey, Dwain Smith, Calvin Minton, and the Local 40 staff. Local 40 members should be proud. Local 40 has one of the best, well thought-out training centers in the U.S.”