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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 53, Number 1
Jan 2014 to Mar 2014


Included articles:

Massive Whiting refinery upgrade goes online, L-433 wins Charles W. Jones Award, Tripartite conference tackles tough challenges, Union names Robert Brady Legislator of the Year, Retiree uses Boilermaker skills for community projects, and much, much more...

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Boilermakers shine on Michigan nuclear job

RECENTLY STONE & WEBSTER was called upon by our client, Entergy Nuclear, to assist in the replacement of the Control Rod Drive housings on the reactor head at the Palisades Nuclear Station near Covert, Michigan. The added work was expected to extend the critical path of the Palisades refueling outage by approximately 28 days.

Tags  Letters, Kudos
Locals  L-169
Reporter  V53N1

Thanks for contact after father’s death

MY FATHER [the late William C. Calhoun, Local 74, Houston], in his early days, was very proud of being a part of boiler-making. He said it was a very hot job. My daddy was a special man. He had one leg eight inches shorter than the other due to a childhood accident. It did not stop him from doing anything. He wore an eight-inch cork shoe. Thank you [National Funds Office] so much for contacting me. I will not forget how great a union you are to contact me after five years of his death.

Proud daughter of Bill Calhoun

Locals  L-74
Reporter  V53N1

Locals award service pins

HANS HOOGENDOORN, right, receives a watch commemorating his 55-years of membership in Local 549 (Pittsburg, Calif.) from BM-ST Mark Sloan. Chartered in 1983, L-549 is a shop, ship building, and metal working lodge.

Local 1 • Chicago

JOHN SKERMONT, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

  • 45 YEARS — James G. Hagan, Robert F. Schwartz.

Local 40 • Elizabethtown, Ky.

MICHAEL AUTRY, BM-ST of Local 40, Elizabethtown, Ky., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

Tags  Local News
Reporter  V53N1

Massive Whiting refinery upgrade goes online

Evening shot of BP’s reconfigured 12 Pipestill unit. The new 166-ft.-tall vacuum tower is in the foreground.  Photo courtesy of BP.

BP’s $4.2 billion private investment is largest in Indiana history

VIRTUALLY ALL OF the Boilermakers working the massive upgrade to the BP Whiting Refinery in northwest Indiana have gone home or moved on to other jobsites, but the skills they brought and the work they performed at the sprawling plant just south of Chicago will yield production improvements for years to come.

Tags  Jobs
Locals  L-1, L-40, L-60, L-374
Reporter  V53N1

L-133 member thankful for films

I WISH TO sincerely thank the Boilermakers organization and all persons involved for the very much appreciated Boilermakers Craftsman Films which I have received.

This is just one more very fine example as to why I truly feel this excellent world-class organization is undeniably the absolute best and most professional Trade Union to be found in all Canada.

I am so very happy and proud to now be a very tiny part of this world-class organization and Skilled Trade Union.


Locals  L-133
Reporter  V53N1

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V53N1

L-28 is tops in area for Toys for Tots

TAKING PART IN THE L-28 TOYS FOR TOTS DRIVE are l. to r., steward Robert Haslach, President Bob Flynn, and steward Wayne Van Wagner.

BOILERMAKERS LOCAL 28 would like to thank all of the brothers and sisters from locals nationwide who worked the Phillips 66 Refinery turnaround for their support of the 2013 Toys for Tots annual toy drive. Thanks to all of the stewards from Madison Industrial Services, J. J. White, Construction Turnaround Services, and Miller Industrial Services for their team effort: Wayne Van Wagner, James Osadacz, Robert Haslach, Ethan Reily, Todd Olson, and Joe Colavita. They went above and beyond to collect donations and make purchases for the drive.

Locals  L-28
Reporter  V53N1

U.S. exports jobs, imports pollution

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

Asia sends us more than just tainted manufactured goods

SINCE AT LEAST the 1990s, scientists have known that pollution from Asia travels on the jet stream, carrying black carbon, nitrous oxide, particulates, and other contaminants to North America and other places in its path. On some days, Asian-sourced pollution accounts for 20 percent of West Coast smog. It brings haze deep into the continent. And it deposits mercury into our lakes and streams.

Reporter  V53N1


IndustriALL Assistant General Secretary Kemal Özkan, left, listens as IP Jones addresses the world conference of the Materials Industries.

President Jones urges solidarity in face of growing multinational power

BROTHERS AND SISTERS, we come from different countries and different cultures, with different laws that govern our workplace rights. But increasingly, our employers are the same, our issues are the same, our needs are the same and, fundamentally, as workers, our expectations and our dreams for a better life are the same.

Reporter  V53N1

World conference sets course for IndustriALL Materials Sector

IBB International President Newton Jones, far right, Chairman of the IndustriALL Materials Industries Sector, speaks at the group’s world conference. Joining him at the leadership table are, l. to r., Varanon Peetiwan, Thai Ministry of Labour; Matthias Hartwich, Materials Industries Director; and Kemal Özkan, IndustriALL Assistant General Secretary.

Global labor affiliates re-elect IP Jones, adopt action plan

THE MATERIALS INDUSTRIES Sector of IndustriALL Global Union unanimously re-elected International President Newton B. Jones as Chairman, adopted resolutions, and approved a new action plan during the organization’s world conference in Bangkok, Thailand, November 12-13. The sector includes unions involved in cement, ceramics, and glass industries.

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Reporter  V53N1


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    Locals award service pins

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