Thanks for contact after father’s death

MY FATHER [the late William C. Calhoun, Local 74, Houston], in his early days, was very proud of being a part of boiler-making. He said it was a very hot job. My daddy was a special man. He had one leg eight inches shorter than the other due to a childhood accident. It did not stop him from doing anything. He wore an eight-inch cork shoe. Thank you [National Funds Office] so much for contacting me. I will not forget how great a union you are to contact me after five years of his death.

Proud daughter of Bill Calhoun

Note from the Funds Office: The Funds Office promptly contacts named beneficiaries after a member's death has been reported. Sometimes it is difficult to locate beneficiaries because contact information has not been kept current or the member did not name a beneficiary by completing a beneficiary form. If you're not sure about the status of your beneficiary designation, or if the beneficiary information has changed, please contact the office at 1-866-342-6555.