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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 48, Number 4
Oct 2009 to Dec 2009


Included articles:

Boilermakers share in $12 million Fluor Daniel settlement, Local 45's Brown wins national apprentice competition, MOST Tripartite Conference challenges, IBB hosts USA shoot, L-1814 sends off New York, and much, much more...

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Kudos V48N4

Chapman thanks L-667 for outage work

[Letter addressed to BM-ST George Pinkerman]

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Locals award service pins

Thirty-five-year member Roy S. DiNovo Jr. (ctr.) receives an award from L-1 BM-ST John Skermont (l.) and Pres. John Benz, as he retires from the office of lodge inspector.

Local 1 — Chicago

John Skermont, BM-ST of Local 1, Chicago, reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

Local 11 — Helena, Mont.

John Roeber, BM-ST of Local 11, Helena, Mont., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

Local 60 — Peoria, Ill.

Gary Lusk, BM-ST of Local 60, Peoria, Ill., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

L-199 — Jacksonville, Fla.

Carl Ferguson, BM-ST of L-199, Jacksonville, Fla., reports presentation of membership pins to the following:

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IP Jones serves on energy commission

Energy experts make up bipartisan group

INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Newton B. Jones was named to the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) in July. The bipartisan group includes 20 of the nation’s leading energy experts representing the highest ranks of industry, government, academia, labor, and consumer and environmental protection.

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Regional tripartite conferences provide local focus

Southeast International Vice President Sam May swears in newly-elected Mississippi River District 5 Business Manager/Executive Secretary David Hegeman as retiring BM-ES John Simoneaux looks on.

WHILE THE NATIONAL tripartite conference sets the direction for owner-contractor-labor cooperation, regional meetings allow participants to put those ideas into action. In 2009, seven regional conferences made it possible for all locals in the United States and Eastern Canada to meet with the owners and contractors they work with most often to discuss upcoming work and other regional issues.

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L-45’s Brown wins national apprentice competition

Jason Brown, Local 45, accepts the first-place trophy from Intl. Pres. Newton Jones, l., and Intl. V.P. Sean Murphy.

Title is first for Richmond, Va., lodge; L-69’s Tucker takes second place

GRADUATE APPRENTICE Jason Brown broke new ground for his lodge Sept. 27 – Oct. 1 by becoming the first L-45 (Richmond, Va.) member to win the Boilermakers’ national outstanding apprenticeship competition. Brown was also the first L-45 member ever to place in the Southeast area event — he was runner-up in that competition, held July 27-30 at L-199 in Jacksonville, Fla.

Locals  L-5, L-27, L-45, L-69, L-237, L-242, L-549, L-744
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L-1814’s Johnson lobbies Sen. Landrieu for Free Choice

Lobbying Sen. Landrieu for Employee Free Choice are, l. to r., L-1814 consultant Joe Johnson, Rev. Gilbert Barnes, AFL-CIO organizer Terese Bouey, and Leotha Terrell.

Veteran shipyard employees recall past organizing struggle

JOE JOHNSON, A Local 1814 (Bridge City, La.) consultant, met with the staff of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu this past summer to push for the Employee Free Choice Act. The act would make it easier for workers to organize and would provide stiffer penalties for employers that break labor laws. Landrieu, a Democrat from Louisiana, has been reluctant to commit herself in support of the bill.

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When you’re going into a grievance meeting where differing opinions of the facts of the case may be aired, it’s a good idea to avoid name-calling.

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Tripartite conference grapples with energy, other challenges

Intl. Pres. Newton B. Jones discusses the MOST Boilermaker Delivery System.

IP Jones details “revolutionary” manpower delivery system

THE FUTURE OF coal and nuclear power was a primary focus of the 24th annual National Tripartite Alliance Conference held in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Oct. 11-16. Industry experts — including a scientist, a leader in nuclear power development, and a legislative panel — addressed emerging technologies, political challenges, economic obstacles, and related issues.

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Boilermakers share in $12 million Fluor Daniel settlement

Twelve million dollars is big money, as this mock, oversized check symbolizes. Celebrating the record settlement are, l. to r., IVP-ISO Warren Fairley, Blake & Uhlig attorney Mike Stapp, IP Newton Jones, ED-CSO Kyle Evenson, United Association Asst. Gen. Pres. Stephen Kelly, IVP-WS Tom Baca, and IST Bill Creeden.

History-making payment ends nearly two decades of litigation over antiunion hiring practices in construction industry

INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT Newton B. Jones announced in October that 50 Boilermakers will share in a record $12 million settlement with Fluor Daniel Inc. over the firm’s antiunion hiring practices. The IBB is one of three international unions that brought charges against Fluor Daniel in the early and mid-1990s, alleging the company discriminated against union members in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Arizona in violation of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).

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Fight Back blazed trail for construction organizing

After three decades, program still shows results

BY THE END of the 1970s, nonunion construction and repair companies had cut a deep swath in the market share of unionized contractors. Boilermaker leaders knew something unconventional had to be done to stem the onslaught and to regain lost work. In 1980, three of those leaders — International Vice President Charles W. Jones, International Rep Connie Mobley, and Local 30 President Barry Edwards — began a construction organizing strategy that became known as Fight Back.

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