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Chapman thanks L-667 for outage work

[Letter addressed to BM-ST George Pinkerman]

WE HERE AT Chapman would like to extend our gratitude for the work performed by Local 667 [Charleston, W.Va.] in the past few months, during the Pleasants and Harrison power stations’ spring outages. The accomplishment we are most proud of is that both projects were completed with no recordable injuries. These projects encompassed hundreds of thousands of man hours of very challenging work scopes, and Local 667’s commitment to safety and cooperation with Chapman’s safety program has shown in the end results.

We are happy to state that the projects undertaken were completed on time and under budget. This is another feat that wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication, pride, and quality craftsmanship of the Local 667 Boilermakers.

Operations Manager
Chapman Corporation

Chapman Corporation is a construction, fabrication, and engineering services company headquartered in Washington, Penn.

L-107 receives D&Z kudos

[Letter addressed to BM-ST Blane Tom]

AS THE SITE manager of Day and Zimmermann at Pleasant Prairie Power Plant [Pleasant Prairie, Wis.], I want to personally thank the craftsmen of Boilermakers 107 for a quality job well done. I want to especially thank the supervision that Boilermakers 107 supplied for this outage. The quality and knowledge of my two general foremen, and 10 foremen that supervised their gang of men seven days a week, 12 hours a day, far exceeded my expectations.

This spring outage was a textbook example of how organized labor, union contractors, and the client utilities, working together, can be successful. The ability for us to perform work on time and under budget does much for Day and Zimmermann and We Energies [Wisconsin Energy Corporation] to do more work and... keep low-cost generation, which benefits our customers.

Site Manager
Day & Zimmermann

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Day & Zimmermann provides architectural, engineering, construction, and other professional services.

KBR Canada pleased with L-146 performance

I AM SENDING this letter to you [L-146 BM-ST Warren Fraleigh] and your membership to let you know how well your members have performed to date on our project at the Syncrude site in Ft. McMurray.

The commitment to safety, quality, and schedule from these men and women has been tremendous. Local 146 [Edmonton, Alberta] has been a key contributor to the success of this project and the tremendous turnaround in performance and execution we have been able to achieve. This is not a simple project — a fire rebuild with massive amounts of demolition of the ESP units internally and externally, with many challenges along the way, followed by the rebuild scope of work.

We recently achieved mechanical completion on the first unit Y102, with the second unit Y106 [expected for completion] at the end of October. This achievement has been well recognized by the owner.

I look forward to the balance of the scope to be even more successful for KBR, Local 146, and our client, Syncrude Canada.

Senior project manager
KBR Canada

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