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the Boilermaker Reporter

Volume 47, Number 2
Apr 2008 to Jun 2008


Included articles:

L-374 members build base for floating casino, IVP George Rogers retires, LEAP holds 40th conference, Construction members meet, Funds office announces improvements, shipyard nets big contract, and much, much more...

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Pension trustees grapple with new mandates

TRUSTEES OF THE Boilermaker-Blacksmith National Pension Trust will meet this June to determine what changes may be needed to comply with the Pension Protection Act of 2006. The law imposes new requirements that are intended to ensure pension plans are funded at certain levels.

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Reporter  V47N2

Local 83 receives SkillsUSA award

L-83 Assist. Bus. Agt. Joe Lewandowski (c.) accepts a “Hometown Hero” award from Timothy Lawrence (l.), executive director of SkillsUSA, and Carl DiCapo, president of the local SkillsUSA advisory council.

Lodge helps judge students at national competition

LOCAL 83 (Kansas City, Mo.) was one of seven area unions honored May 20 for supporting the annual SkillsUSA competition in Kansas City. L-83 Assistant Business Agent Joe Lewandoski accepted a “Hometown Hero” award on behalf of his local during a meeting of the Kansas City Convention and Visitors Association held at the Crown Center Exhibit Hall downtown.

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Locals  L-83
Reporter  V47N2

Local 374 members build base for floating casino

Barges serve as the floating foundation of Harrah’s new Horseshoe Casino Hammond on Lake Michigan in Indiana

Workers combine six barges in Lake Michigan project

MEMBERS OF LOCAL 374 (Hammond, Ind.) have completed the base for a 350,000-square-foot gaming and entertainment facility on Lake Michigan. Harrah’s all-new Horseshoe Casino Hammond will be triple the size of the company’s current facility, and the largest casino and entertainment destination in Chicagoland, when it is completed.

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Reporter  V47N2

Delegates lobby Congress

L-549 (Pittsburg, Calif.) BM-ST Frank Secreet, l., greets Rep. George Miller (D-7th CA) in Miller’s Capitol Hill office.

Boilermakers address climate change, trade, immigration, and shipbuilding

LEAP DELEGATES FROM across the United States brought Boilermaker issues to the attention of legislators on Capitol Hill April 21-25, getting valuable “face time” with U.S. senators and representatives, as well as their staff members.

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V47N2

Reporter  V47N2

L-191’s Morrison to retire after 15 years as BM-ST

L-191 BM-ST Bill Morrison will retire this summer.

Lodge plans June 28 celebration

BILL MORRISON, BM-ST of Local 191 (Victoria, British Columbia) for 15 years, will retire June 30 at the end of his term.

Morrison began his career working in the Scotland shipyards in 1955. As an apprentice, he was not required to join the union until he had worked a year, but Morrison learned a valuable lesson early on about union strength.

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Locals  L-191
Reporter  V47N2

LEAP delegates consider presidential contenders

McCain record gets sharp scrutiny

AFTER 12 YEARS in the desert of George Bush governance, organized labor stands ready for a change of climate. The question facing delegates to the 40th LEAP conference in Washington, D.C., April 20-25 was which candidate represents labor issues and working families the best.

Tags  LEAP Issues
Reporter  V47N2

L-582 retirees enjoy luncheon

Local 582 retirees receive service pins at their quarterly luncheon.

RETIRED MEMBERS OF Local 582 (Baton Rouge, La.) attended their quarterly luncheon meeting at the union hall in January. James Anderson, chairman of the retiree’s club, presented membership pins ranging from 30 years to 65 years of service. Jessie Nelson, pictured in front at far right wearing a suit, received a 65-year pin.

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Reporter  V47N2

McCain policies are bad for Boilermakers

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

GOP candidate promotes corporations and the wealthy over workers

THE CANDIDACY OF Senator John McCain is an enigma. His reputation as a “straight-shooter” and a “maverick” has convinced many Democrats and Independents he would be a welcome change from the current administration. But his voting record and public statements — particularly during the past two years — depict a candidate who offers no change at all.

Reporter  V47N2


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