L-146 member releases music CD

L-146 member Chris Campbell is a member of Tig Wired®, a band that plays all styles of music.

Chris Campbell produces album about life in the trades

CHRIS CAMPBELL, a 15-year member of Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), has released a new album on CD with his band, Tig Wired®. The CD describes life in the trades and contains music of several different styles, including blues, jazz, and country.

“It is called NE OBLIVISCARIS© (the Campbell clan motto: ‘do not forget’) and is a musical composition which touches on most of the aspects of working life in the construction industry,” explains Campbell, who plays a variety of instruments. “If you are a welder, fitter, rigger, scaffolder, millwright, boilermaker, pipefitter, ironworker, or involved in the trades in any fashion, you will appreciate the words and music about the industry.”

Campbell produced the CD to reflect the ups and downs of life in the construction industry, and as a way to express the way of life and struggles workers face in shutdown trades. He joined the Boilermakers in 1993, as a member of the Quality Control Council of Canada.

“I was given a choice of joining the Pipefitters or Boilermakers,” Campbell said. “I decided on the Boilermakers. I was working out at the Trans Alta site near Edmonton with Combustion Engineering, and the Boilermakers ruled the roost.”

Campbell has worked new construction, shutdowns, and in fabrication shops. The trade has taken him to both coasts of Canada, where he has worked in power plants, pulp mills, refineries, and tank farms.

When he is not booming across the country for work, he makes his home with his family on Vancouver Island in the city of Parkville, British Columbia. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, and the sax. He says the genius behind the CD is his brother, Colin Campbell, a music educator in Victoria, British Columbia.

To learn more about the band, visit www.tigwired.com. To find out more about the CD online, visit cdbaby.com/cd/tigwired.