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Canada Tripartite conference spotlights mental, physical wellness

 IVP-Canada Arnie Stadnick

CANADIAN BOILERMAKERS, CONTRACTORS and owners convened in St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, New Brunswick, August 13-15, to discuss industry issues, solutions and updates. Under the conference theme “Moving Forward Together,” attendees addressed safety, workforce planning, the nuclear industry in Canada, workplace technological advances, carbon capture and storage, indigenous recruiting and other pertinent topics during the 2019 Boilermaker Industry Tripartite Conference.

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Boilermaker-built Maid of the Mist vessels go all electric

Marshall Morrisey, Local 5, Zone 7, sands the bulwarks in preparation for painting.

MORE THAN 20 MILLION tourists from around the world visit Niagara Falls each year to marvel at the massive power of 600,000 gallons-per-second of water rushing down the Niagara River, roaring over the trio of falls and crashing like liquid curtains over the rocky riverbeds 160-some feet below. Of those 20-plus million annual visitors, more than 1 million will take a ride against the river current on the famed Maid of the Mist boat tour to experience the mighty falls from a unique—and wet—on-the-water vantage point.

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Near-term goal of 100% renewable electricity is unrealistic, misguided

Newton B. Jones, Intl. President

Rapid transition ignores unprecedented obstacles, environmental fallout and more

Someday, U.S. electrical power generation may come from 100% renewable energy consisting almost entirely of wind and solar. But predictions of that happening within 10 or 20 years are unrealistic. There are simply too many obstacles standing in the way, among them: the massive investment of capital that would be required, the disruption of entire industries, technical challenges, and considerable societal and environmental impacts.

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Boilermaker’s energy for life fuels enthusiasm for his craft

Adel Elseri speaks to attendees at the Boilermaker’s 34th MOST National Tripartite meeting as the “ambassador of showing up” about the long-term importance of worker reliability and excellence.

TALKING TO ADEL ELSERI is like being on a carnival ride—he’s full of delight and laughter, and it’s hard to keep up with his excitement. Elseri, Local 146 (Edmonton, Alberta), remembers vividly the day over 15 years ago in high school when he announced to his father, Ali Elseri, that he wanted to be a union Boilermaker “just like him.” After all, walking in his father’s footsteps was something the younger Elseri wanted from the time he was a little boy watching his dad go off to work.

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Top graduate credits goals, support network and hard work

Local 374’s Billy Shick captures the top spot at the 2019 National Apprenticeship Competition and in the team competition.

THE 2019 NATIONAL Apprenticeship Competition winner, Billy Shick, from Local 374 (Hobart, Indiana), is a second-generation Boilermaker who has the building trades in his blood. His uncle, Dewey Shick, labored as a carpenter contractor and his father, Butch Shick and older brother, Chuck Shick are Boilermakers. Even though he knew about the Boilermakers and understood what they did, Shick took a winding path into the union.

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Boilermakers organize New Jersey slag plant

Boilermakers organize New Jersey slag plant

EMPLOYEES AT THE Camden Slag Plant in Camden, New Jersey, voted to join the Boilermakers union on an eight to three vote following a focused organizing campaign. Jody Mauller, ISO Great Lakes organizing coordinator for the M.O.R.E Work Investment Fund, said he, along with organizers Steve Adair and Mya Fillingham, ran a short two-month outreach.

“It moved pretty quickly,” Mauller said. “They were just ready.”

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Boilermakers build community goodwill via donation to local hospital

Boilermakers from L-128 and L-555, along with employer Venshore Mechanical Ltd., donate over $1,000 to a local hospital.

CANADIAN BOILERMAKERS PROVED they are as generous as they are skilled. When members of Local 128 (Toronto) were performing scheduled maintenance on the Ontario Power Generation generating station biomass boiler they, along with their employer, Venshore Mechanical Ltd., raised over $1000 for the local hospital.

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Women rise strong in the building trades

 Boilermakers and other union women flood downtown Minneapolis during a rally.

THE POWER OF women in the trades was palpable at the international Tradeswomen Build Nations conference in Minneapolis October 11-13. With over 2,800 women and industry leaders attending—including nearly 80 Boilermakers—the message was clear: Construction jobs aren’t just for men anymore. Women can do the same jobs men do, and they can excel and thrive while doing them.

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New Boilermaker races his stress away

Boilermakers are sponsoring the Daniel Miller team, which includes new Cemex, Florida Boilermaker Dave Tompkins. The group competes in Southern Sprint Car Shootout asphalt racing in Florida.

THE DANIEL MILLER team, part of the Southern Sprint Car Shootout asphalt racing competition, has something other teams competing don’t—one newly minted Boilermaker, Dave Tompkins. He’s an employee at the recently organized Cemex plant in Brooksville, Florida.

As of early November, the Cemex Boilermakers are closing in on their first contract, and Tompkins, who’s on the negotiating committee, needs a bit of ongoing stress relief. That’s when he heads to the races.

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